Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Just a typical day...

Thought it might be fun/ny to post about a "typical" day we have on the homefront.

  • say good bye to dear who is always up before everyone else
  • wake up and get moving
  • get the girls going
  • assign dog walking and morning chores
  • eat breakfast
  • talk with one while the other showers/and vice versa
  • call walking partner to cancel for the day... rebound headache and the end of a pulled muscle
  • email Young Man about mission letter
  • post mission letter on blog after trying for too long to transfer pictures... not sure why that wouldn't work
  • call the local congressman's office to deal with citizenship issues for MMH
  • read three blogs
  • back to resting as head is now pounding
  • up and moving, feed family, run dishwasher
  • talk to Senior Son who has asked for prayer for a test, I LOVE when they ask for prayer!
  • set up the ladder
  • drop an egg,
  • actually that should read, set up a ladder and drop the egg from about 10 feet up...

I thought that might get your attention. We're about to the end of our bird unit and are finishing up with matching and hatching. Each of my three students has to build a container or use something pre-built, without help from older siblings, in which to put their egg and drop it from a considerable height without it getting broken. Kind of fun... if you don't have to go up the ladder that is!

Back to work.

Shalom, Kim

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