Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Newish Items in Etsy

This piece has been around for a while, but it's listed and seems very appropriate right now after all the snow storms. Vintage satin and eyelet, vintage bottle, encaustic wax, shoe buckle from the 20's, and more. All lovingly created to remind you of the beauty of the winter landscape.

One of "Fairy Tales in Glass" collection. Vintage jewelery, and paper, reproduction of a postcard from 1910, ribbon and pure beeswax. Shares loving thoughts of the first bloom of love between these two.

Another of "Fairy Tales in Glass" also using a vintage bottle and vintage ledger paper, antique buttons, and a nice reproduction of a vintage photo. Enhanced with a vintage piece of crystal and a sweet ribbon tie. "Dream" tells of a time before marriage when a young woman dreams of the man who is to be her husband.

This is the back of a double-sided necklace. The next photo shows the front. I think this is my favorite so far other than the one I made for myself using a vintage postcard of cows in a stream. There are others available on the etsy site.

Just thought I'd highlight a few items in my etsy shop. Hope you enjoy them, feel free to visit my site using the button on the side. There are more items for sale as well, and I've been gathering new "stuff" such as vintage celluloid, vintage boxes, antique and vintage linens and laces and hope to be creating more soon in a whole new line.

I have a few auctions to attend this week, and then hope to finish several doll clothing assemblages. Picture a pink doll dress, hand crocheted lace, vintage photo, lace wings and more... it's going to be lovely. And, once I find "just the right 'box'" I can complete the next one which uses a vintage baby bonnet, antique silver spoon, celluloid pin, etc. It should be quite exquisite!

Hope you enjoy!
Blessings, Kim

p.s. are you keeping track? about 30 posts, give or take, till the big contest!

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  1. Kim,
    You have so many pretties here...thanks for sharing with all of us! Hope you have a FUN Tuesday!



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