Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thursday Thirteen

I'm new to this meme, giving it a whirl as it sounded fun to come up with lists. I'm rather a list oriented person, that is I am when I can find my list! So, here goes:

Things I've accomplished in 2009

  1. learned how to go junkin'
  2. went to my first auction (now I'm hooked)
  3. my kitchen was painted yellow after 25 years of pinks and whites
  4. started using my vintage items from family, junkin' and auctions
  5. "became" an artist... well, I'm trying anyway
  6. learned how to make a collage
  7. learned how to use encaustic wax
  8. took part in my first ever Art and Craft show
  9. opened an etsy shop
  10. learned how to use ebay
  11. attended more births
  12. continued to finalize my doula certification
  13. rejoiced to see God evidence himself in the lives of each of my children!

That was rather fun, and mostly themed to my love of vintage things. You can check out my blog to see pictures of the various things: Art and Soul, photos, art, etsy, etc.

Blessings, Kim

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  1. Enjoyed reading your Thursday Thirteen and look forward to seeing you around. A doula cert--are you a midwife then? My kids were born with the assistance of a midwife. What a beautiful experience.


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