Friday, March 5, 2010


Babara can just about say, "I told you so."

You see, I have this little itty bitty problem with being a perfectionist. If I can't do it "just so" then I don't want to do it. Sometimes this is good. Often it is prideful, sinful and just plain old bothersome.

I've put off taking my physiology tests for about 11 months. Yes, that's about right. I was afraid I wouldn't have a "good enough" grade. Mind you they want a 50% or higher and I'm used to being in the upper 90s, but I just wasn't sure. (Not to mention I had already passed Lamaze's physiology exams, pitted against nurses!)

I've now finished 5 tests of the 8 required. Grades so far: 98%, 100%, 95%, 90%, 100%. Guess I should have trusted the Lord all along. If this is where He is calling me then he will see me through. I just get all focused on me me me me. Makes ME sick of ME.
Thank you God.

Lord willing and my printer working I'll finish by bedtime tonight... even if that's early this morning. Then one short section left and I'm done and can apply for my certificate. Maybe I'll be done by the Birth Expo.

Only sad piece of news is that no body guessed the correct date. I truly wasn't aiming for a date... just an open time slot.

That being said, there will be a giveaway... just keep watching!

Back to the printer and the tests. Thanks all for your prayers. I have felt so buoyed up today. Seriously, God has allowed me to finish another two art projects, homeschooling, co-op, Bible time, home cooked meals and much more. I am so thankful!

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