Wednesday, May 19, 2010

~Rethinking my sidebar~

Now, while that title may make no sense to you, dear reader, recently I read a certain post by  a friend and once again had to think carefully about my blog, and facebook, and my other blogs, and business sites, etc. and so on.

You see, as she noted, while the Internet can be a great tool, it can also be a time stealer. And, in my case, it can make me covet... things, ideas, popularity, etc. Even just this morning I hopped on over to an etsy site and instead of being amazed at this person's creations I began to feel the bite of envy as I wondered (and whined... can you just hear it?)... "Why didn't I make any etsy sales?" And, in the scheme of my life? WHO CARES! Seriously... who really cares? I tried it. It didn't work. I tried it another way. It didn't work. This isn't a poor me party... just stating facts. I can't try to be someone else. I can't make their creations. I can make what I make. If others like it, great. If not... well... no big deal. I have one more art show scheduled in November I believe, and I'll try it there. If it doesn't work out then I can just create gifts for those I love. Seriously... isn't that enough? I can show my love through the work of my hands. I don't NEED to make money. Dear is always reminding me that MY job is NOT about making money... it's about keeping our home, teaching our girls, and helping birthing families. Those are the BIG things in my life...

So... how does this seeming rabbit trail relate to my sidebar? Well, you'll see a variety of blogs on my sidebar. Some are friends in person. Some are "friends" in bloggy land... we've not met face to face, but have exchanged numerous emails and the like. And the others? They are the "I wannabe like them" blogs... and they'll have to go. Or, they might be the "Why is HER blog so popular?" blog and it needs to go also.

My blogging is not about popularity. I tried it that way... it made me miserable and discontent. My blog is not about being the best homeschooler, doula, artist, whathaveyou... No, my blog is a sharing of my life and my thoughts with first my family, then with real life friends and finally with some of my Internet friends. My links may link to blogs that are or are not popular. But, if you can't see Christ in my posts and my sidebar then I am missing the target. BIG TIME!

Finally... speaking of "time"... bits of time are not a big deal, but bits of time spent surfing the web and building up envy are NOT okay. So, I'm rethinking my links. Some will stay. Some will go. Some MAY be added. Or not. But, my time is going to be spent in learning to be a better handmaiden for the Lord. My time needs to be spent cleaning out closets, ironing clothes, grading math pages... NOT "peeking in others' windows" via blogs and facebook. I'm not exiting this world, but I am limiting it so that God may have more room in my heart and my life... after all, it does belong to Him!

Blessings all,

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