Monday, May 3, 2010

We're ba-aaack!

Sorry for the "radio silence" but I hate to announce to the Internet world that we're leaving on a trip. Dear and I traveled, sans children, to Sanibel Island, FL where we had a little R&R in celebration of our anniversary.

Many many wonderful highlights of the trip will follow... but I want to have the pictures to go with the narrative, so you all have to wait.

In other news, Senior Son is completing his web page project for his computer class and .... drum roll...
it's a Whimsy and The Word web page... yep... no Etsy, no ArtFire (although I'll still list at ArtFire), but my very own web page.  How cool is that. Of course, he still has to get a server going, and get the page finished, and the kinks worked out, and I have to figure out paypall ... but hey... I can dream.

In the meantime you can still purchase from my other blog located at, or use my Etsy or ArtFire links on the sidebar. And, as always I'm quite happy to work on special orders... currently I'm working on a mini-collage that will be divided 8 ways into friendship necklaces... when the friends are all together the necklaces can be placed together to complete the collage. Pretty cool, eh? I thought so. Occasionally I have a good idea.

Anyway... I'm doing things in this order:
  1. finishing the photos and narrative for Senior Son's web project... I have to finish today.
  2. writing a birth story... finish by Wed.
  3. teaching a childbirth class for a couple for whom I'll be the doula.. class is tonight
  4. working on plans for an art project for my last art class of the year
  5. attending the funeral of my friend's mom
  6. beginning the last month of "Starting Points" teaching
  7. finishing Denise's necklace... (Hi Denise...I'm starting over because I was inspired today!)
  8. Packing up the prizes and necklace and sending them to Denise
  9. praying for my boys and their finals this week
  10. attending Bible study
  11. viewing "Around the World in 80 Days" in play form, about an hour from here, with our co-op
  12. having our last academic co-op (next week is something special)
  13. Other things... eat, cook, clean, laundry, etc.
Oh... and my anniversary gifts as if the trip weren't enough? A CD that Dear compiled for me and put our pics on the front, a poem he wrote (framed... twice... one for up front and one for wherever), and a Cherry Red Chevy S10 truck to replace Bluebell who has gone to live with dear friends since I think we all despaired of me EVER learning to drive a stick shift. Pictures will follow. New truck... Cherry Baby... as in "Sherry Baby"... as in the song... Dear helped me on this one. If something else comes to us we'll rename her. She's really really pretty and she has an ah-ooga horn! She seats four so our whole family can cram in there... if the boys aren't home.

Oh, and finally... Young Man added another cert to his pilot's license AND has a paid internship in VA this summer working as an airplane tech/mechanic. How cool is that? Although, I will miss him a whole whole lot. At least we get him for about 2 weeks before he has to head East.


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  1. So proud of your sons, woo hoo. Praying for them, and of course for you. Congrats on your new truck, love the name. Have a great week, love and blessings to you.


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