Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Welcome to my latest blog!

Greetings Friends and Family,

As you can see I have started another, yes another, blog. I am sure some of you may wonder why, while others could really care less. Well, for those who could care less you might want to skim over the next little bit.

My blog writing of late has been slim to none. That is to say, it was too much of a bother to get into my other blog at the other blog site. Not only that, but I was doing a lot of soul searching. I find myself wishing I were more of a "Sebra" or an "Anne" with their quiet spirits, or a "Barbara" with her deep devotion to God, or even a "Kim" (not me) with her beautiful transparent desire to be a more godly woman, or an "April" with her innate artistic talents. While desiring these qualities is not wrong if desired for the proper reasons, I found myself wanting to be someone else so that I would become more special, rather than more godly. My daughters were actually the ones to point this out to me, which was rather humbling, but also quite excellent.

So, here I am. While I have many interests ~ books, antiquing, crafting, knitting, childbirth, etc. and so forth ~ I have decided that this blog will be about my journey to become the woman God created me to be. So, you may actually see some of my crafts, or photos of my kids, or even see some school plans from time to time, but I won't be blogging to impress you all, but rather to document my journey to trust joyfully in His will, not mine!

I would LOVE to have comments from you all if you see some way in which you might encourage (or even rebuke, should the need arise) me or simply to get some clarity to what I have said. Unlike past blogs I will not be bringing over all my old posts from my old blog. This is new and you can join me on the journey.


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