Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day... early, almost

Okay, for many years our gift to Dear for Father's Day has been to clean out the garage. He works hard all week, and then when he comes home to mow and can't get to the mower I feel bad. I feel worse when he can hardly get to the door, or out of the car due to our stuff. So, it's become somewhat of a habit to clean out the garage for him as a Father's Day gift. This year it's a bit early. Well, it's in progress early.

You see, somehow I got this great idea to have a garage sale. Problem is I have LOTS of stuff piled up, but the garage was also piled up. Then take into account the work that has been happening in the house... fixing the ceiling, shutters, walls, etc. and knowing that LOTS of things had to move for that to happen, and well... CHAOS. Plus Young Man came home, finally, from college and has LOTS of stuff. I finally told him to just put it in his room and I wouldn't holler cause I needed to see more floor to function.

Anyway, back to the story... so we looked at dates for the garage sale. June 6 or July 25 were our only available Saturdays the whole summer for the garage sale and I don't know about you but sitting in a hot garage in July does NOT top my list of summer fun. So, June 6 it was. Then I looked closely at the garage. ACK! Too scary. So, we started the garage clean out before Father's Day. Problem is that it was so FULL that it may take till Father's Day.

Seriously, although we have cleaned it up in the past I am not sure we ever cleaned it out. So, we took out the old shelves and the girls and I built (from kits) 2 news sets of shelves (one more to go) and then Wee One and I entertained our friend/contractor/church elder/fellow home school father with our antics of putting together a "simple, it needs no tools" Rubbermaid cabinet. That was a show. We should have charged admission. We started out great, but then came the moments when we realized we had skipped a step and needed to undo what we had just done, only to discover that the locking pieces really did a good job of locking. Oh yeah... but it got done, and loaded and we are pleased with it.

Meanwhile MMH was on the floor sorting through all the various nails, tacks, screws, nuts, bolts and various other hardware pieces that had spilled all over the workbench... I'm talking piles and drawers full of the stuff that we had let fall and not bothered to sort. (you know it was cold, or hot, or buggy, or dark, or scary, or we just didn't feel like it... you know) Anyway, it's now all sorted and each pile into it's own drawer. We resorted the tool boxes (we have about 8!)... there are drill boxes, a dremmel box, the "storage tool box" for each guy and the box you can carry to your job...

Then came the grass seed. Not usually a problem. Except we live near some woods. Where wee little hungry rodents live. And I guess our supply of grass seed was their version of "Chucky Cheese" because let me tell you there was a LOT of seed ALL OVER the garage...

Then we found boxes and boxes and more boxes. Well, a lot of it is dealt with, but the rest is in various levels of disarray. We took a day off today. We had to as we were all hacking up garage dust, our fingers hurt, and we were tired of the hauling, pounding, pitching, etc.

But, by June 7... the day AFTER the garage sale we'll officially be able to say "Happy Father's Day.. early".


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