Tuesday, June 16, 2009

~ Today's Surprise ~

Today was one of those days. I didn't sleep well and woke up thinking, "Just one more hour, please!" So, I dozed for another hour, but it was one of those up/down slumbers because you know if you are just one minute off the whole schedule goes out the window. It didn't, but I'm not rested yet.

We had back to back eye appts. for four of the six of us. Wee one needs glasses. That was fun. NOT! But, she's getting used to the idea and I just want to say... CUTE! Left from there right to the orthodontist where we had two back to back appts. for the girls. Meanwhile Young Man went home to walk the dogs he's been watching since he returned, clean his room so the bunk beds we want to sell could actually be seen, and let in the repair man for the garage door. (Long story... end is, the garage sale money will help to pay PART of the repair bill.. how ironic!) On the other side of town we finished at the orthodontist and hightailed it to Hobby Lobby to obtain yarn to finish a scarf order for my aunt. The yarn was FINALLY in... ordered it Feb. 11 according to my ticket.

Rushed home, dealt with the door repairman, ate lunch and left again for piano lessons. Meanwhile Young Man continued to work on the room, Wee One cleaned a bit and got ready to see her friend's dance rehearsal and I fell asleep in my car while waiting for MMH to finish lessons.

BUT... in the midst of this incredibly busy and tiring day I received A PHONE CALL! Yes, all caps. Senior Son called and informed me he had just received his mail. "And?" I replied trying not to be frustrated at one more thing. And then his voice changed. There was a happy quaver, he was trying to not be boastful. In a quiet voice he announced, "Mom, I made the dean's list!" I was sooooo happy. Senior Son has had a few years of trying to figure it all out and grades were not so good. For that matter a lot was not good. But then through God's orchestration things turned around. We saw God starting to work in awesome ways. We saw habits change, a vision for the future was beginning to form and Senior Son was becoming a man.

I write a lot about the other kids. I didn't want to write negatively about Senior Son so you often didn't hear a lot. But, I am here today shouting... "GOOD JOB!" and "THANK YOU GOD!" My son is becoming a man, a godly man, and while he won't change overnight the change is showing and I am just a proud, pleased and happy mama.

I love you son!


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