Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Word to the Wise

So, we may have had a "break in." Although, with the garage door open, and evidently the car unlocked I'm not sure how much "breaking" they had to do. My purse was dumped, but not one thing was missing... all accounted for. Very odd. Except for the fact that my daughters went to the car before me and if he was in the garage and heard them coming... well, he wouldn't have had time to take anything. I'm just glad they didn't open the door and see him there. Not sure what would have happened.

We are all okay and that's what I ask God to help me remember. We're "creeped out," as MMH would say, but we're just fine. Ironic thing is that while living near Chicago when I was growing up we never experienced a robbery, but now in our little semi-rural-urban area we have this to deal with. Oh well...

Here's the deal:
  1. Keep your valuables inside. (Nothing was stolen, for which we are thankful.)
  2. Keep your vehicle locked.
  3. Keep your garage closed AND locked.
  4. Ditto on the doors.

You see, this happened WHILE WE WERE HOME. And, we think the burglar may have actually knocked at our door.

When "workers" come to your door:

  1. their vehicle should be marked
  2. they should have personal ID from the company for which they work
  3. if you don't know that they're supposed to be there either call the company they claim to work for to verify or if you are very nervous/suspicious call the police. You can always apologize later if need be.

Turns out several neighbors had been watching him and wondering if he was who he claimed to be. He wandered up and down between houses and none of us thought to ask for identification, after all he was seeding and putting down hay. However, his truck had nothing on it to show who he was. With our local phone company working on their huge fiber optic system being put into place we all have taken workers for granted.

No more.

Be careful. I'm just glad nothing happened to anyone.

Blessings, Kim

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