Thursday, December 10, 2009

Art & Soul 2009 ~ The Pictures

For those who've wondered, the show went, and it's over. I didn't become a millionaire overnight, but I did sell things. The best part? My husband told me he was proud of me. That's worth WAY more than a million dollars. My booth was right by a world map, and while lots of people enjoyed looking at the map it certainly made my booth feel more jumbled to have all that DETAIL hanging behind me. Or maybe my booth was a bit jumbled. How does one display the work of an entire year when there are SO MANY different types of things to work on?!

You can see the banner, sort of, on the front of the table. That might be the other reason it didn't sell... hard to see when you're short on space and something is hanging OFF the table... It's all a learning curve.

I make these cabinet card greeting cards and also note cards and just plunked them in this basket. The problem is the cabinet cards are a "presentation gift" and so both outside AND inside are covered... how to display them??? I have no idea.

Jewelry hung from this old mug holder. It was okay... but the necklaces really started selling when I laid them out on the table. Still working on display ideas for next year.

The trees were pretty, but perhaps hard to get to? Sold a few of the ornaments, but not enough to count it a success. Not sure if I'll do those again or not. That's the hard thing... was it the first show lack of finesse in display, was it pricing, was it not to people's taste? Again... learning curve.

You can see a few of my memory boxes here and a few of my bottles. One box sold to a family in town. The rest are on sale right now at Lola Rue. So, if you're interested run over there and pick one up. They're mighty cute! Lola Rue is on College Ave. on the West side of the street just before you get downtown... I think maybe 8Th Street or thereabouts is the nearest crossroad.

And here you see the other end of the table... just hard to display things like this...

I'm already working on next year. Items I plan to sell:

  • button necklaces
  • copper charm necklaces
  • pillows (using an idea I made years and years ago... )
  • knit scarves
  • memory boxes again?
  • encaustic (I'm determined to teach this town about the beauty of encaustic.)

My bottles were admired by every single person who stopped at my booth. They all picked them up and oohed and ahhed, but no buyers. Next plan is to bring them to a nearby arts and crafts town where many Victorian style things sell well. I'll let you all know what happens.

So, success? Between the show and two special orders I am in the black. Any supplies already here are covered income-wise by the show and the orders. We'll see what happens next year.

Hope you ALL can join us. Please come, it was a great show with MANY talented artists. Two of my friends are now filling orders for a New York boutique! I'm so proud of them.

Blessings, Kim

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