Monday, December 14, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

Welcome, come in, don't stay outside where it's cold. I'll be happy to take your coat. I'll just put it back in my bedroom... oh, you can't look there... still pretty messy. But, please have a seat in the living room with me and we can chat.

I'd offer some cookies, I had a bunch baked, but I guess some little elf must have eaten them all... Can I brew you a cup of tea? Offer you a plate of yummy fruit?

As you came in you probably noticed all the vintage touches in the entryway. Mama Magpie has been teaching me about some of these items. She also helped me to rekindle my interest in vintage items. Much of what you'll see is from my Gram, she was very special to me!

I was able to purchase this cute little feather tree from a friend of Mama Magpie. The decorations on it are ones I didn't sell at the show. I NEVER thought I'd have a pink and blue themed tree!

This is the whole glass front buffet. I know... a buffet in the entryway? It works. Doesn't it look sweet against the pale blue walls?

These sweet little candles came from Gram years and years ago. Mr. Deer is a bit melty... I guess I shouldn't have stored him a hot attic! Poor fellow!

Not all the Shiny Brites go on the tree. Besides, Mr. Bluebird needs a nest and with all his glitter don't you think this is just the perfect place for him to rest?

Now, if you turn this way you'll see my vase of "Christmas flowers"... so nice, you never need to water them!

I liked them so much I made some more. Cheery! (And Shiny... if it can't be glittery then shiny's a pretty good substitute.)

Oh, did you think I was done with the ornaments? Sorry... 'fraid not. This is part of a vintage silver tea service from the Illinois Central Railroad. Grandpa worked for them for years and when the service closed employees were given remembrances.

And here are some sweet angels, also from Gram. The squirrel... AHEM.. was a Christmas gift from my oldest son. It's to memorialize a "special event"with a stubborn squirrel. And no, I did NOT kill him, nor did I hit him with the snowball. I merely startled him... it was his fault his leg was stuck in the "squirrel proof" (HA!) feeder and he broke his leg. As if I needed any help remembering. Oh my... where was I? Oh yes, Christmas decorations...

At the other end of this half-wall is the first of my many nativity scenes. This particular ornament is from Dear's Grammie.

Before we have a seat why don't you step into the dining room? Another find from Mama Magpie... a reminder to be joyful during this season. Don't you love all that glitter?!

Here's our advent tree. Each day a new ornament goes up, accompanied by appropriate scripture. A family in our church started this tradition and many families are now using it and it's updated versions. Sorry it's a bit out of date... took this picture a few days ago.

As you walk through the doorway look up and you'll see these sweet swallows made by Mama Magpie. Years ago I lived in Washington state where we had a barn on our property. It was FULL Of barn swallows and I've loved swallows ever since. Wasn't Mama Magpie sweet to remember? Also, tucked in the beak of one bird is an envelope in which I found my gift for that year. Each bird is adorned with a word for the season: hope, joy, love, bliss, etc. An incredible gift from an incredible friend!

If you step back towards the living room you'll be able to see the first of many nativities. I have a thing for them. I guess I get so tired of people missing the reason for this special time of year that I more than make up for this. At last count, including Nativity music boxes, ornaments and pillows I believe we have more than 15 sets in one form or another. There's another done on "letter blocks" just next to this set... sadly I'm not such a great photographer and blurs seemed to be all I could shoot!

On a lower shelf is this this little placard I made for Gram years ago when she was still alive. It came back to me when she passed away. It's a sweet reminder of the true meaning of Christmas, and also a sweet reminder of a special woman who was influential in my spiritual life.

Same shelf, other end. It's not all vintage here. Don't forget my love of cows. This is "Moodolph."

Now, if you'll just turn back towards the living room you'll see the rest. The olive wood nativity is from Grammie and Grampie... it was their wedding gift to us from their last trip to Israel. The music boxes are from my mom. The Precious Moments nativity was given to me by a special aunt... a piece each year. You can see it took a few years to build it up! The tree ornaments are vintage Shiny brites, indents, polish, Czech and German glass, a few "fillers" of modern balls... hadn't yet started collecting, and also some family prizes. The banner over the tree didn't sell at Art and Soul, but Dear was glad and asked that we keep it.

Perhaps you'd like to pull up a pillow and rest. Yes, that one, don't you love the needlework?

It reminds me of one final Christmas tradition in our "decorating"... the decorating of our souls. Every year we work on memorizing the Luke 2 Christmas story. Want to join in?

"And it came to pass in those days... " Well, trust me, it's a sweet tradition, just look up Luke 2 and see if this story isn't one of the best ever told. I think so because it's gift given to me by the King of Kings. I pray you receive a gift from Him as well this Christmas season.


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  1. Thanks for the tour...had a great time! I jst LOVE your vintage ornaments...Merry Christmas!


  2. Everything was so lovely, the tea was delicious, and the company was precious.

  3. Such cute "Gram" gifts! You know I love the little angels!

  4. I love that first tree. It's beautiful.

  5. Love it! I inherited a bunch of wonderful stuff from my Grandma this year. Old books are my favorite!

  6. How beautiful! Love all those ways to use ornaments!

  7. I love all of your garlands. I need something to hang in the kitchen, but haven't taken the time to make anything yet. I really love the idea of words- JOY!


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