Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Would you serve these?

Okay... before I show you the picture let me explain the day.

I was supposed to be up and out the door to walk with my friend Kim by 7:15, or 7:30. (We started at 6:30, but for some reason(!) we just keep moving the time forward. I wake up at 7:35 and OH NO! Say good bye to dear, check the email... because you know she might just have changed her mind (as in I really really really want to go back to bed), but no word. SO I run up, thrown on yesterday's clothes (yuck), drag a brush through my hair and cloth over my face and run out the door. At which point I think, "Why run?" She's out here and you'll find her or she's not and you won't. It's not worth having a heart attack. And, sure enough 2 blocks later there she is. (She did the same thing I did.) We walk a little over an hour, perhaps 2 miles, and then talk for a LONG time. Did I mention how much I love my friend Kim? She is so sweet and such a great listener and so patient. Anyway, home and had to get the girls moving.

The day continued this way, great plans, slow going. But, lots of work being accomplished, few voices being raised. Okay... I barked a couple of times, but seriously it wasn't bad.

My friend Becky came over to bake cookies with me... I have LOTS of places that need cookies this week and we planned to make "Fudge Envelopes." The photo on the page shows these darling little pastry pockets filled with this decadent fudgy filling. Well, two things. You HAVE to roll the dough THIN and you MUST MUST MUST SEAL THESE BABIES SHUT... or?

Well, you look and tell me...

To me... and I'm sorry, but I must be honest... it looked like a kitty did his "big job" on a pastry. Not sure I could serve this... say at our church's Christmas concert ... what would they think?

Oh well... they do taste good, but as sweet as they are the time with Becky was even sweeter. It's great to have sister friends... friends who share your faith and ideals.

Blessings, Kim

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  1. I was thinking you should make them for a baby shower;)


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