Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Whimsy and The Word etsy shop

Welcome to my world of glitter, vintage postcards, antique buttons, unique jars and encaustic wax! If you want to learn about my creations feel free to read earlier posts and then stop by my NEW Etsy shop. That's right... I opened a new shop. The old "All that glitters" is now bare and empty and will soon be gone altogether.

With the beginning of this new venture my magpie friend suggested I find a new name that really spoke about me and my work. After pages of failed attempts... just ask her, I sent them ALL to her for her comments... I finally happened upon my new business name.


I love whimsical things... fairies, and glitter and such. I LOVE words. But, most of all I love THE word.. hence the capital "T" in the word "the"... okay, just go with it, alright? Okay...

So, my first big venture was the Art and Soul show on November 28. My next venture was FINALLY filling a special order of knit scarves for my aunt, and then beginning work on another special order of copper charm necklaces. But, the next step entailed me bringing my memory boxes to a local art shop... Lola Rue... where the owner took them on consignment. I have yet to be brave enough to see if any have sold. Seriously... I hope SOMEONE liked them.

Now I'm putting items up in my Etsy shop, and hopefully after Christmas (maybe before?) I'll make a trek to our local arts and crafts town to see if any of the art stores there are interested in my encaustic work. Although I had good words of praise from JoAnnA Pierroti... a published encaustic artist (among many other things she does), and also some nice words from the owner of Lola Rue, I was told that people in our town "wouldn't get it".... meaning that in her store they have bottles that are not as detailed and don't use the same method (encaustic) and so the cost is less and people won't understand it. She did mention my bottles and "Silver Bella" in the same sentence so I felt good about that.

Well, guess that's it.

Oh, you want to see some things? Well, for a quick glimpse look up in the upper right corner to my Etsy button and you'll see the first four pieces I put in my shop. For more on my bottles look at previous posts under the tag "art" and you'll see what they're like. They're all for sale and if you see one you have to have (YIPPEE... I'll dance a jig) then I'll be happy to work with you.

One more thing... if you have a bottle or a picture or a piece of jewelry and want to have it made into something very special... well, just email or comment and I'll be SOOOO happy to work with you. My hands are itching to be working with the wax again!

Blessings, Kim

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