Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"Put My Tears in Your Bottle"

This is my latest piece.
8You have taken account of my wanderings;
Put my tears in Your bottle,
are they not in Your book?
Psalm 56:8

It was created both suddenly AND over time. I continue to wrestle with whether or not God wants me to "do art." Each time I go to Him in prayer the answers come differently. This time the answer came in the form of this piece.

I had been grappling with an idea for a piece centered around a vintage baby bonnet. No matter what I did I could not make the piece work. I went to God asking again, "Am I supposed to be doing art?" I also spoke with Marta and listened carefully as she talked about her husband's art and how and why he created it. She is a quiet encouragement to me every time I talk to her. She has a great deal of wisdom, not of her own, but God's wisdom, ready to share.

Upon arriving home I walked to the piece and it "made itself" ... actually, of course, the Lord showed me what to do and what it was saying. It's a new kind of piece for me. It's monochromatic and NOT full of either the bold or muted Victorian colors I often employ. The pieces at first glance may not seem to tell the story, but as you spend time with the piece and meditate on Psalm 56:8 you may begin to see what I am saying.

There are many different eras in each life... plenty and want, joy and sorrow, pride and humility, you get the picture. In the end the important thing is that God has known us and walked with us throughout our life, that He is the ONE who simplifies, purifies, glorifies our life.
If He is the one who saves our tears in a bottle then we know our tears are important and are part of what He declares should be in our life.

For further meditation you can jump over to Biblegateway to see the commentary.

Blessings, Kim
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Blessings, Kim