Thursday, January 21, 2010

Always buy extra!

Or at least enough... paint that is.

A while back MMH came to me and said, "Mommy, (can you tell this is a while ago?!), is it supposed to be raining in the entryway?"

EXCUSE ME... IN???????????? the entryway. And yes, our roof had sprung a leak and it was raining in the entryway. And, of course, as ceilings that are full of inches and inches of water are wont to do it warped, buckled, bubbled as it were. And, eventually (we all know how quick to fix these things I am ... hA!) we called our friend Tim to please come fix our ceiling... and he did lots of other wonderful fixes too. And, he even spackled my hall as he had leftover. Which was all great... but of course then I had to paint. And did I mention how quick (NOT!) I am to deal with all this?

Well, finally the other day I had had enough and grabbed the paint... oh yes, I had bought it last August!... and started in. And MMH says, "I thought I got to do that?" (She's working off some Christmas debt.) And so she started. And NOT being genetically linked to me she decided to finish the job. So, we've been moving furniture, unscrewing switch plates, and generally creating havoc. But, she's a GREAT painter and I was happy to have it done. Then, today as we went to finish and the paint can looked dry I sent Wee One to the basement for the "other can" ... and found-

A DIFFERENT COLOR! ARGH... as in, I bought the other color for the living room (I used three colors, and yes it is nice, they are very pale and it's subtle, and quit laughing, because I like it and that's what matters. RIGHT? right.) okay... so, now the old paint can is draining (How long does it take to drain about 1/2 cup paint from a can?!) and I realize I have no excuse to not repaint the other wall (and the front door)... I already have the paint. Did I mention I have to do the ceilings in the living room, dining room, hallway, kitchen and family room? And the basement? And the girls' room needs a whole new everything... but that will be their job over break or summer vacation.

Oh well... enough procrastinating. I hope the paint's drained. I hope we have enough. I hope after this summer I don't paint again for another 5 or 20 years!

Have a great day!
Blessings, Kim
p.s. Did I mention the water heater broke and tried to flood the workroom? Did I mention that all the decorations (and then some) that I had just put away all had to come out so I could mop up the yucky water? Yes... it's been an interesting week. But, all things considered, we're fine. We have a house over our heads, our health, each other, and most importantly we know God is in control and NONE of this happens outside of His will. AMEN!

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