Friday, January 22, 2010


It's all about organizing the past few days. Or weeks. Or years...okay, I'm a bit OCD about organizing. Although, you might not realize this if you stepped in the house. I'm also a perfectionist which means that if I can't always do it perfectly I may simply not do it at all... a daily dilemma!

So, recently I've started filing my paperwork... color coded, and labeled, and visible in a slot on my desk so I can easily see/find/remember to file my paperwork. I've been in the process of organizing art supplies, like with like. Not all done by any means, but getting better. To that end I purchased a vintage library card catalog last year and keep many of my smaller supplies organized that way: postcards/photos, reproductions, angel wings, jeweled brads, etc. and so on. Once I started adding larger things like boxes, bottles and books it got a bit more interesting, but a series of baskets is holding things for now.

IN the kitchen and on the "pantry" (glorified term for open shelves in the work/laundry room) I have things organized by type: for instance, in my spice cupboard one shelf is for baking supplies and one is for cooking. Where they double over I sometimes have two of the same item, one on each shelf. Cookbooks are in two locales... regular use cookbooks are on the counter, specialties are in a cupboard. On the shelves in the workroom the baking goods are in bins, the pasta/rice are in another bin, canned goods sorted by fruit or veggie and then by type. You get the picture. Even my closet has it's own system... by color first, then by sleeve length. Slacks for regular use are on one side, slacks for special use or a different season are on the other side. Ditto for skirts and dresses.

It doesn't mean that everything is always in its place, but everything SHOULD have a place. Now I'm trying to help the girls organize their school work. We (meaning mostly they) seem to have a problem with finishing all the assignments each day. Rather than forcing my style on them I've asked them to each design their own way to keep track. (Wee One asked for help, and at age 10 I was happy to oblige. MMH designed her own system.) So, we'll start these on Monday and see how they work. We already keep lists posted of daily times for each subject, daily chores, weekly chores, etc. Not only does this remind them to keep these things done, but it also removes the whining/arguing/complaining (or a lot of it anyway), because we worked out these lists together. I tell them they can argue with the list, but they'll never win because the list won't talk back. Nor will it change.

I'd show you the lists and all, but then I'd have to take photos and upload/download/overload, something and so you'll just have to trust me. I'm a person of lists... I can't always find them but I love to make them!

April even created an "auction bag" for me so I'd quit dragging in everything and just bring what I needed. It's really cute! It holds my wallet, tax ID, phone and keys, paper, pen. That's it. It doesn't hold the grocery list, credit cards, make up, medicines, extra key chain, calendar, receipts, etc. JUST THE ESSENTIALS. She's so smart!

Well, that's it on organization. I know that was so terribly exciting (not), but perhaps it will help someone out there figure out what to do with their stuff. OR, maybe you'll come up with a clever organizational tip for me. I'd love it! I'll put it on my list. If I can find the paper. And the pencil. And remember to do it.

You get the picture.

Blessings, Kim

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