Monday, January 11, 2010

Road Trip

Today we took Young Man to the airport so he might return to school and studies. His classes resume tomorrow. Although we are sad to say good bye it's so exciting to see a young person who is HAPPY to return to studies, hard work and achieving life goals as set by the Lord. We'll miss him, but pray he is doing well. Hopefully he's all the way back now, although I am missing the calls he was SUPPOSED to make to inform me of the fact. Oh well... he's almost 20 and I can't hold his hand forever.

On the way home I thought we'd try a new antique store. Apparently that was NOT a good idea. Or, it was not a good idea with MY Garmin. Ahem! Bad directions, missing roads, dead ends, construction and 35 minutes later we ended where we began... never having arrived at the antique store which was supposedly a "mere" 5 miles away. Umm...yeah. So, back on the road south and I decide to give it a third try... and BINGO... it says one of my favorite stores is a mere 9 miles away. YEAH! And SCORE!

Found a bunch of good stuff... sorry, no photos yet. MMH found some sweet sheet music, but poor Wee One found nothing which she could afford. (However, she is still piecing the quilt from the pieces she found last visit.) The BIGGEST (literally and figuratively) item we found was a Victorian photo album covered in velvet. Not totally full of photos, but enough. Each page is like the inside of a cabinet photo or photo folio. So, my folio cards will become wall hangings (i.e. I'm taking this baby apart!) The cover has some incredible metal work which will also be used and even the hinges and lock will be used. SCORE! I think the velvet may end up on a bottle... we'll see. Additionally ... well, I'll show you all later.

Meanwhile I've been pondering my interest in things vintage. Dear once said he enjoyed watching me as I shop in an antique mall. Time basically stops for me, a half hour is in reality several hours and I've been in another era. Part of my love of vintage is the color... it's soft and not jarring. It's harmonious and there's no "apology" for using color...

The soft patina of wear and tear on each item lends it beauty and dignity... well, as much dignity as a "thing" may have. There may be a scratch from a knife slip... perhaps the first time a new husband carved the roast. There may be a ding from where a newly toddling baby caught something and dropped it. Images may be fading from photos of long ago celebrations, but the smiles and joy are still obvious. All a reminder that life is not just here and now, but has been going on a for a while. We are not alone in our joys and sorrows. Others have come before us, and unless the world ends tomorrow others will come along after us. All that passes through my head. Then I hear, "It's time to go." And I have to jump back to today.

Today's focus seems to be all polish, no showing of age, all new new new... no value to things of age. No value to aging people. I'm vintage. Actually, I'm approaching antique... if that means 50 or more years of age... and I too am showing signs of wear and tear. The hair has a bit of tinsel when I miss my salon appointment, the eyes droop a bit... age, sorrow, weight; my once slim curves are now CURVES in all caps with maybe some BULGE thrown in... age, strain, stress, fatigue. Does God value me less because of my age and the signs of age that I bear?

Amazing what one ponders upon while on a road trip. Speaking of which, "How's your patina?"
Blessings, Kim

Post Script...
Hey All, Just to let you know... I'm not sad. I'm feeling comfortable with who I am. Much like the vintage items I enjoy I realize I have many stories to tell. My life is full and I look forward to sharing stories with those who want to listen. My kids laugh at how I love words... I love books, word games, new words, stories to share that have something to ignite your humor, curiosity or a longing for Jesus. It's all about words... "In the beginning was The Word, and The Word was with God and The Word was God." ... words.... His story, our stories, history... that's what I'm trying to say....


So glad you stopped by for a visit. I look forward to reading your ruminations. (I like playing with words!)
Blessings, Kim