Monday, January 25, 2010

This and That

What an odd day... kind of a relaxing day of much work. Weird, huh?

  1. I should have mentioned that we are hosting an Indiana Christian Birthing Expo on March 27. Would be great to be a full fledged doula by that point. And, by all means, if you are expecting or hope to be sometime in the near future please join us. Please email and I'll be happy to share details.
  2. I LOVE my mentoring time with young women. I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! Spent a great day with Becky, and her precious Isaiah today. Such a blessing!
  3. After a nap... yes at almost 47 I do enjoy my naps... the girls and I did some "running around." We hit an antique store and found some things (folio, silver skeleton keys, bottle, book, "pink elephant" juice glasses and books-last two items belong to MMH, then on to Michael's... at least two of us have some major projects in the works. (Watch my shops!) Sahara Mart... YUMMO! A new jar of honey... orange blossom, a new big bag of rice (we were out of both) and treats for each of us (Thanks Dear!): rice crackers for WeeOne, 68% with nibs dark chocolate for me and dark chocolate with orange rind for MMH. OH YES!!!!!!! Then home to get library books and drop off MMH (she's made her fried rice for dinner... from scratch... best we've ever eaten including time in China!), while she cooked WeeOne and I stopped at gas station then library. Now home.
  4. Took apart an antique photo album (see above). Hope to have projects finished by tomorrow.
  5. Got a bunch of school done.
  6. Piano tuner came... if you need one in our area I'll happily recommend him.
  7. dishes, vacuuming family room and picking up.
  8. Now it's off to dinner and to watch "Monsters vs Aliens" a dreamworks video with the girls.

Happy Monday. We're getting SNOW!!!!

Blessings, Kim

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