Monday, January 25, 2010

One-and-a-half years and counting

Yep... that's how long I've been working on my doula certification. I could have been done quite a while ago. That is, I could have been done had I not been procrastinating and wallowing in all my "poor me" phases.

So, here it is. I talked to my doula friend last night and she said, "Just do it." Doesn't she sound like a Nike commercial? Funny thing is that I've been trained through ASPO/Lamaze as an CBE (childbirth educator) and physiology was a HUGE part of that training as well. I've been teaching childbirth classes for about 18.5 years and attending births since before I had children. But somehow I got it in my head that I just couldn't pass this test (series of tests). And... here is where you will laugh... it's an open book, untimed test. Yep... that's right. So, I just need to get it done.

After that it's just one short unit about being a doula... I've been reading reams on the how to's, I've set up my doula blog and I already have clients calling from church and a few from another website in which I take part. You'd think I'd do this already.

So, here's my latest contest. Everyone make/post a guess on when I will actually finish my physiology tests. If anyone gets it just right, to the day, I'll send them one pack of my "Simple Faith" note cards as seen on my Etsy shop.

Maybe that will kick me into gear and I'll get going. Off to be ready for the day. I'm on call today as a back up, I have a meeting with a new client (a dear friend), and of course homeschooling as well.



  1. I think you will finish the tests by valentine's day.


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