Tuesday, January 26, 2010

You should've taken pictures!

Famous last words. A year ago I carried a camera everywhere for the blog. I drove my family absolutely batty. In truth I often heard, "You can't blog this." AH....

Yesterday MMH and I tackled the beginning of some projects. It all revolved around this old crumbling velvet, metal work covered incredible photo album. SERIOUSLY NEAT! About 2/3 of the way through she says, "You should've taken pictures." DRATS! And I even have a new camera.

Well, here it goes without the pictures.

  1. unwrap 85 layers of paper from the album
  2. reconsider for the 100th time if you're really going to take this baby apart
  3. take a big breath
  4. hold it
  5. pull on the metal
  6. BE CAREFUL... turns out the metal work is all held on with spikes and finishing nails. OUCH!
  7. Now comes the next tough part... how do I carefully take each page out so I can use it for a wall hanging?
  8. scissors
  9. different scissors
  10. start cutting
  11. breathe
  12. breathe more
  13. call MMH
  14. don't look
  15. don't listen to the RRRRRIIIIPPPPING noise of the paper
  16. breathe
  17. slowly take the photos out of the pages (did I mention there were also some really cool photos?)
  18. pull out ALL the valentine postcards from the card catalog where they are stored
  19. keep watching MMH do her work
  20. go to bed and dream about the blasted book
  21. get up and look at it several times in the night
  22. get MMH to help finish "destroying" ahem... "altering" it this morning
  23. throw away 84 layers of paper
  24. use last layer to wrap the covers... I'm saving the velvet for my bottles and collage pieces
  25. put it away
  26. leave everything on the floor
  27. question my sanity
  28. postpone creating one more day

Yes, I should have taken pictures because this was a seriously cool item. MMH found it for me at "Yellow Moon" and kept telling me to get it. OVER AND OVER AND OVER. And I didn't listen. And the sales lady wrote up the whole sale. And I changed my mind. And she wrote it again. (And I added another item. And apologised.) And MMH helped me with the vision for what this could be ... the parts more than the sum of the whole.

And now I simply don't want to do it. Silly me. It's not a "poor me" pity party. It's an "I'm too pathetic for words" laugh at me party. So, laugh along and maybe I'll actually get the pieces together tomorrow. Cause, on top of all this I have a special piece I want to make for someone as a surprise.

We'll see.

And, at least I finally shoveled the walk, and read many many chapters of the book I'm teaching next week, and did the dishes, and went to the library, and post office and met Senior Son at the pizza restaurant for dinner. AND?

He gave me the first chapter of the book he's writing. Can't wait till I have it all. It's part of a trilogy and I continue to be ever so excited to see him growing, maturing and having VISION for his future. God is so wonderful!

Shalom, Kim

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