Tuesday, February 23, 2010

And this was Texas!

Every year on the weekend closest to Valentine's Day LeTourneau University hosts a parents and family weekend. As Young Man is now in his second year this is our second year for this, as well as one previous year when we went while he took part in a scholarship competition.

Now mind you, I'm talking Texas. You know, BIG, south of here and WARM. NOT! This is what we arrived to find:
And, in all sincerity, it was not the bitter cold of our climate, and there were many beautiful sites to be seen.

Saw this lovely bush/shrub outside of the Student Foundation Building. I had to be quick with the shot, because although there was a LOT of snow it was also warm and so the branches kept dumping their loads. I wasn't so worried about losing this shot as I was about the tree branch overhead dropping it's load down my neck!

Believe it or not the pansies were blooming in the hotel gardens. The juxtaposition of the spring/winter seasons and the vibrant yellow against the pure white just screamed at me to try to get a snapshot.

And yes, I DO count this as a lovely site. It's Young Man's pilot's license. We delivered it to him as the government had mailed it to our home address rather than his college address. Can you believe it? He's actually a certified licensed pilot. Praise God!

Ha. Funny Boy! I asked him to stand underneath this verse which is painted on the entry wall of their flight hangar. I should have figured. He quite takes me at my word. Um yeah...

And finally, a picture with a story. Three years ago we traveled to the campus for his scholarship competition. While there the aviation students-to-be were invited to the airport to see the planes in which they would train. Young Man had actually already piloted one of these as a student pilot in a summer camp the year before. But I'm ahead of myself. While waiting his turn to go up one of the staff asked if I would be accompanying him. Now most of you who know me know I am PETRIFIED of flying. As in, get out the little bag, don't talk to me and you can pry my nails from your leg about an hour after take off. (And yes, I know we had to take 8 flights to get Wee One from China to the USA... let's just say that God is still in the business of miracles!). So, while trying to come up with excuses... I have a broken leg, I'm allergic to flying, I'm very ill and should be on medication... all of which were obviously false I somehow got into this teeny tiny plane. We all had headsets and I moved my mic away from my mouth as I was very busily praying, "Please God don't let me die." over and over and over and over and over... ad infinitum

The pilot asked if I would move my mic so he could hear what I was saying. I politely declined. Then he asked Young Man if he had ever flown one of these before and when hearing the affirmative offered him the controls. It may be the only time Young Man ever has the opportunity to have me as a passenger. While he was, and is even more so now, a quite capable pilot, I am NOT a good passenger and the air was ROUGH and I'm happy to say that I didn't use the little bag, but it was in my hands.

The end.

Okay, the pilot took back the controls and landed. We fell in love with the school. He's now a sophomore and a pilot, and Lord willing will be serving as a missionary aviator at some point in the future.

That was Texas, cold, snow, a pilot's license delivered, and a sudden trip back. Snow storms... quite the experience this year.

Blessings, Kim

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  1. Wow, congrats to your dear son. That is awesome. I enjoyed the pictures.


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