Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me

Nope, I'm not telling when it was, but it was a good one. And yes, I will freely tell all. I am happy happy happy to be 47 years old. For some reason it just feels like a GREAT age. Go figure. 43 freaked me out, but 47 is a good year. A very good year.

That, of course, is NOT my real birthday cake. That was after a big snow and I kept looking at the scalloped edges of the birdbath thinking, "That looks like a HUGE cake." So, I decorated it. Yes, my daughters thought I had lost my mind, but it was fun. The dots are vintage buttons, the candles are real, and in the center is a small pottery basket holding vintage flowers, a glittery bird and a pink parasol. Cute? I thought so!

My real cake was a huge sheet cake... feeds 50... from Coldstone Creamery. YUM!! I think it's called "Midnight Madness" or something of the sort... chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream, chocolate ganache, chocolate piping and chocolate curls. Of course, for those who didn't like chocolate we also had yellow cupcakes, a platter of fruit, bowls of grapes and piles of cheese cubes. Don't you love the classy paper towel covering the fruit platter on the right? I forgot to take it off for the photo. Oh well... red and green apples and fresh pineapple chunks are resting underneath.

Dear was so sweet. He cut and served the cake. He also packed up containers for those not present. (APRIL... come get yours!)

And? The house was CLEAN, and PICKED UP, and ORGANIZED... as per my previous post.

So, at the end of the day Dear and I sate in front of the fire and just relaxed and enjoyed the memories. What a sweet day!

Here are a few more shots... well, two, of the snowy day. They're cute and my first attempt to "accessorize" my front step. Baby steps readers. Baby steps.

Three of the birdhouses that I painted with their first coats. They await some additions to make them really awesome. Hopefully I'll find what I'm looking for at an auction or garage sale. Speaking of which... garage sale season should start soon. I hope. Okay.. 2 months, but still!

Cute sled? Yep, I thought so. Can't remember if this was Dear's or mine. Oh well... you know it's VINTAGE!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Hope your birthday was sweetly blessed, the cake looks really yummy. So glad you were born.


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