Friday, February 5, 2010

Latest Creations

It's been a bleak and weary number of days, but last week I was struck by the creating muse and grabbed some vintage dominoes, paper, glitter stickers, beads, linen cord and buttons and went to work.

"Bubbly Love"

First try... ah, not so great. I didn't like the bubbles in the finish. I used a glue that said it could be used as a sealant. I don't think so. As a matter of fact? I KNOW it's not so. Not unless I want to pop every bubble with a pin. Ah well... live and learn.


Second try... THIS I LOVE!!! This time around I simply used "Modpodge." Much nicer finish. Oh, and the edges, which I didn't show, are wrapped in copper. Really fun .

Third try... well, it's not done yet. I'll be adding a bit more to this third one and it will have a sort of fairy face on it. Guess you'll just have to wait and see. I think these will go up on my ArtFire shop.

Then, I made this button necklace a while back. It had issues. The buttons liked to flip and the dangle liked to come off. So... I let it sit a while. (I was mad at it and it was getting a time out!) Just this week I took it apart, started over and remade it. Now it hangs beautifully and nothing is coming off!

"Beautiful Buttons"

Hope you enjoyed these peeks. I've several more pieces in progress, but they just aren't done yet.



  1. I did enjoy the peeks sweetie, very nice.

  2. What neat ideas you have...hope you have a FUN weekend:) I LUV your songs!



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