Friday, February 5, 2010

Let it snow...

6:45 a.m. found me sitting in front of the TV saying, "Please let schools be cancelled." Which is, if you think about the fact that I'm a homeschooler, rather funny. But the night before our co-op had mostly decided that if the local schools had a snow day (We were due for 4-8 inches, plus other yucky stuff.) that we would cancel our co-op. So, as the names scrolled past on the screen and I saw our whole community of schools shut down I was quite happy.

7:15 a.m. found me in front of the computer waiting to hear that co-op was cancelled.

7:17 ditto

7:19 a nibble... another mom was hesitant as we were hearing about possible ice accumulations

7:21 all cancelled, and back to bed.

10:25 the snow started. YEP... it didn't start till then. It had rained, but was so warm that nothing was freezing. So, we ran to the library, grocery, movie store and gas station then home again. (We COULD have had co-op.... oops!)

Noon: lunch

soon after: NAPS... you see, most days if the local schools have snow days we keep on with our work, after all unless it started snowing IN our house there would be no reason to cancel. But, on Fridays ALL our classes are taught OUTSIDE our home, so we had a real snow day... sleeping in, eating funky foods, reading, napping.

When I woke up it was REALLY SNOWING... and so we cancelled evening activities and prayed Dear would arrive home safely. And he did... and when he did we all piled out to shovel and play in the snow with him. And this is what the rest of the day looked like.

While waiting for Dear I decided to take a shot of "Bluebell." This is the truck which Dear bought for me. Isn't she cute? I can't drive her. She's a stick shift and I was taught to two foot drive, so to me the left foot is the brake foot... you can imagine what I do in a stick shift! When the weather eases up I'm going to learn to drive my baby!

I couldn't bear to make tracks in the snow, so I stood off back of the birdhouses, leaned forward, angled the camera and shot the picture. Not bad!

I love the look of pristine snow on the ground and the site of a gentle snow fall in the evening.

It's just waiting for a dry day so we can swing! And yes, we do swing in the winter months as well... but not when our behinds will get frostbite!

Just before Dear got home WeeOne decided to "Do" her hair just to be funny. Hmmmm. Not exactly a style I think will catch on!

YEAH!! He made it home safely!

In progress... our snowman looks a bit tipsy!

Please note the lovely snow covered bucket... of towels... yes, that's still from when our hot water heater broke... it kept raining on the towels and I just didn't want to haul them in wet or wring them out in the rain. Ah me...

Here are the girls and Mr. Snowman. My aunt sent a "kit"to complete snowmen... see all the cute little things that make the nose, eyes, mouth, etc? That was all part of the kit. How fun is that?!

They're both keepers, but I know which one is cuter!



  1. Woo Hoo, I love snow, and love playing in it.

  2. Looks like you all had a blast in the SNOW...we have not had SNOW in years! The weather channel is telling us that we might get some on on the gulf coast? That will be a lot of FUN for all of us!



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