Thursday, March 25, 2010

Still alive and kickin'

But boy have I been uber busy!!! Times 10!!!

Somehow, as things have a way of doing in my life things got rearranged until on Saturday I had two jewelry booths and a childbirth expo. Now, granted, one of the booths is AT the expo, but still.

So, here's how it works.
Today: get up, clean the upstairs, work on art, eat, teach worldview, work on art, deliver math papers, work on art.

Friday: get up, work at co-op, eat, drive one booth's worth over to Magpie Market, set that up, come home, deliever Wee One to a sleepover, eat dinner, meet Dear at Senior Son's Honor Society initiataion (WAY TO GO SON!), come home, work on art. Complete the ten minute talk/testimony I am to give on husband-led childbirth. SLEEP.

Saturday: get up, finish pricing or working, load car, get to church, set up booth, set up expo, prepare.

Oh, and did I mention I go on call for a birth starting tomorrow? I actually told the mom to tell her baby to wait till after 5 p.m. on Saturday. Seriously!!!

But, I'm quite excited about this expo. The dream began almost three years ago as three of us from our church talked about a birthing ministry. Two of us have completed our doula certifications, and one may yet do so. One of us, NOT me, has plans to complete her CBE certification, and then mabye... later... maybe... if my hubby says yes, I can recertify through Apple Tree ministries for my CBE. But, to jump back to Saturday. We are hosting the FIRST EVER Indiana Christian Childbirth Expo. We will have speakers, vendors, giveaways, birthing plan station, ask a doula station, lending/browsing library, hands on materials to help explain the process and even a coloring corner for the kids. Oh, and of course nothing happens at church without food. Yes, food. And the cost? FREE FREE ABSOLUTELY FREE!
We've invited doctors, nurses, midwives, doulas, expecting moms. We've run it on two radio stations and posted flyers everywhere while handing out personal invites to those we meet around town. Here's hoping for a wonderful turn out and a God honoring day.

Blessings, Kim


  1. Buzz, buzz. You are definitely a busy bee my friend.

  2. Best wishes for the grand event:) You know I would just love to be there, but...I can't. Hope it goes swimmingly though!


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