Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Playing Catch Up!

Today is the first day in a long while in which I'm starting to feel myself again. It's been a busy few weeks here and the future also promises to be quite busy.

As the weather's been warmer Dear has been coming home earlier and we've been eating on our deck each night. What a treat!
We're all enjoying the swing each day. Sometimes we cuddle up and listen to the birds, other times we're out reading in the sun, sometimes it's just a good place to escape, pray and think.

This was a fabulous find at one of the best garage sales I ever attended. Turns out the person running the sale was closing out her antique business, but she was doing it at garage sale prices. I think I paid perhaps 50 cents for this lantern. Young Man wanted me to clean up the rust. ACK! Instead I've left it out to weather some more. In the evenings we light the candle and enjoy the flickering light as we eat.

"MMH" loves to lean on the deck and dream.
Okay... she doesn't really. But, she was amenable to a pose or two for me as I work on my "The Artistic Mothers" photography assignment.

We're supposed to shoot photos of our kids regularly. A while back we were to get them "in action." I thought this one was fun. Looks like she's flying...

If you jump to my other blog you'll find that I've been busy making jewelry.

And finally, if you jump to my third blog you'll find that I shared a testimony at our first Indiana Christian Childbirth Expo.

It's been busy and it's nice for things to slow a bit.

Coming up:
I'm doula for births with the following due dates: April 9, May 29, June 6, July 8 and Oct. 1.
I also have several sets of childbirth classes to teach over the next two months.
Dear and I celebrate 25 years of marriage next week!
Later we'll take a glorious trip to Sanibel Island WITHOUT the kids and enjoy some time together!
July will find Dear turning 50! We hope to do the Durango/Silverton railroad experience!
China Sisters Reunion comes back in mid July as well... July will be crazy!

Have a glorious day!
Shalom, Kim

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