Thursday, April 8, 2010

AH HA ... a contest!

(Please note... this has now been edited)

Hey Ladies,

I reached 100 posts and didn't even realize it. So, here we are, post 101. It's funny as I've reached this same point several times over the years as I start and restart blogs. Just part of who I am I guess... always needing to start fresh.

Well, as promised, I'm holding a giveaway. Now, the key here is two-fold, and I'll be quite upfront with it. I want to thank my current readers, but I also want to gather in some new followers.

~So, if you are already a reader/follower, please comment and share what you have enjoyed about this blog.

~If you join as a new follower, please let me know (leave a comment)... that will give you a chance in the drawing.

~If you bring someone along as a new follower, not only do they get one chance, but you get a second chance. Just be sure to have them mention your name (or blog) in their comment. Each person should share why they enjoy this blog.

And the prize? Well, part of it will be that I will make a "Bit of Charm" or a "Domino" necklace for you. We'll work on it together, via email. The other part? Well, it will be something else I have made. A surprise. (Hint... I've been working notebooks, notecards, memory boxes and all sorts of things, so your prize will fun and if you want more ideas of what might be in the winning giveaway just visit and see what else I've been making!) YEAH! I'm sure you are wondeirng though, "What necklaces?" I've shown two below to whet your appetite, BUT

~Well, visit my OTHER (WhimsyandTheWord)  blog and if you become a new follower there (or are already a follower and leave a new comment) I'll give you ANOTHER entry in the drawing. Yep, that's right. And the rules continue as above... if  you bring someone else to THAT blog as a follower then I'll happily give you each a draw in the entry. Of course, if you come to the other blog, you'll have to comment... here or there... as I have noted above, just note that it's for my blog contest.

Now, here's another fun thing. I would LOVE to have this grow bigger. So, if you want to save the picture in the post and use it on your blog's sidebar and link it to this post or in a post about this giveaway that will give you ANOTHER entry in the draw.Yep, I guess I'm feeling generous today.

Oh, and the important question, "When will this end?"  Well, I guess let's give it one week. April 15 the contest will end at midnight Eastern time.

A recap of the ways to enter:
  1. leave a comment here about your favorite post, or why you like this blog
  2. become a new follower and leave a comment
  3. bring a new follower, and have them leave your name/contact info in their comment 
  4. become a follower of my other blog
  5. bring a follower to my other blog and have them inclued your name/contact/blog info in their comment.
  6. use my picture above in a post or on your sidebar. (you'll have to email that you've done so in order for me to know)
That makes for a lot of possible ways to earn an entry. Enjoy.
In case you just don't think you'll like the necklace, in case you just don't want to be bothered with going to the other blog... here's a hint of what I've already made and what we can design together for you... IF you're the winner.
If you visit the other blog search under "necklaces" and you'll see more of what you could win.

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