Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Housekeeping ain't no joke.

Except in this house it just became one. Actually, it's rather an ongoing joke.

You see, I'm a bit OCD in my tendencies in some areas, but not all. So, there are some things that must be done regularly or I just get crazed. For instance, it doesn't matter if no one will be visiting, my bed MUST be made every day. It doesn't matter that we don't usually allow anyone else to use the master bath, but it must be picked up and the sink wiped clean each day. However, I don't always fold my laundry as it comes from the dryer, sometimes the dishes sit on the counter overnight and today I discovered that I don't always check the crevices of the couch.

You see, we have some new furniture arriving soon and the old is leaving on Thursday. And, because we really like the people who are getting the furniture we decided to vacuum it one more time. I had Wee One put her hands in the crevices this time... I know, I sound like a bad parent, but putting my hand in a small place where I'm not sure what I'll find just creeps me out. Now, mind you, I HAVE BEEN doing this for months, and afterwards, each time, I've taken the hose attachment from the vacuum pushed it down there and cleaned.

However... my hand is larger than Wee One's and I perhaps couldn't reach as far, AND the hose may have pushed things farther in. Whatever the case, today, as she dug in the crevices, this is what we found... be strong you faint at heart, you might want to skip the list...
  1. Wee One's wallet, complete with $17 and 3 gift cards
  2. MMH's calculator
  3. nail clippers
  4. a walkie talkie
  5. an old play car tube
  6. a cookie wrapper
  7. a plastic heart necklace
  8. a dog toy
  9. 3 pieces to our peg board set
  10. hair tie
  11. a card to Candyland
  12. a playing card
  13. several Kleenex... they don't really look used, just crumbled up
  14. $1.50 in change
  15. a rubber band
  16. a blue bead
  17. a purple counting chip
  18. an arrow from a Lego set
  19. a pencil
  20. a straw
  21. and a chocolate chip... we did NOT eat it
So, ahem... I'm beginning to feel like housekeeping is a joke here. I just don't take it seriously enough. That or my hands are just too big to shove all the way down the side of the couch. Either way, the couch is now clean, the pillows are packed up in bags ready to go and I hope we do better with our new furniture.

I dare you to put your hands down the crevices in your couch and see what you find. If you do, please comment here... I'd like to feel a little bit better, although I think that's not too likely. Oh well...


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  1. Hi Kim, I would put my hand in for you but our couch is new so I doubt we'd find anything yet! But give me a few months! I found your list amusing! Patsy from


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