Thursday, December 2, 2010

If you were my Christmas tree lights...

and my grandmother's vintage mercury bead tree garland and the Victorian tin icicles where would you be hiding?

I put them away somewhere "special" so that I could do them QUICKLY and FIRST before all the ornaments went up.

And now?

Let's just say we've been through almost every storage box in the house and they are NOWHERE to be found.

My tree is supposed to look like this...

Instead it's a sad, dark, beadless tree. Poor tree!

Seriously... any ideas?

Ah well... maybe we'll have a dark and less sparkly tree this year.

I need to refocus on the true meaning of Christmas.

And then I know my heart will be filled with joy.

Just sayin'!

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  1. Hi Kim, thank you for sharing your Christmas story for my drawing. I sure hope you find what you are looking for. Isn't that so frustrating. And my, mercury garland, vintage? I LOVE mercury glass and would cherish a garland. Sure hope you find it. I purchased some real leaded tinsel last year on Ebay and I'm loving it.
    Christmas blessings,


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