Saturday, December 25, 2010

It seems I've reached that milestone,

you know, the one where you're in the kitchen and just smiling and humming to yourself because you can hear your family members all over the house... yes, that's the milestone I've reached. I was standing at the kitchen counter yesterday just smiling and humming when I realized I was humming. (Evidently I hum a lot, but I don't always hear myself doing so.) Now Gram was a great one for humming. You knew she was happy by the volume of her humming, the louder and more tuneless it was then the more content you knew she was. I find for me that I hum hymns and praise songs when I'm truly content. So, after going through all the verses of various hymns and Christmas carols I giggled and realized I had become Gram.

all the "grands" last summer (plus Insop)
Of course there's another side to this story. Dear's mother has always been busy in the kitchen "fixing for us" while we're there. In their old house this really bothered several of us because it meant she was away from us. We actually worked hard to get her out of the kitchen so she could enjoy her kids. Now, in their newer house the kitchen has that "open" concept right on the great room which means whoever is working is still in the middle of everything. Nevertheless we have continued to encourage her to sit, relax and enjoy. But today it dawned on me... she is enjoying. She is doing what a mother loves to do, she is fixing for her kids. So, I'm guessing I won't be so quick to push her out of the kitchen, but I'll be sure we're there to help her all we can.

Senior Son fixing Christmas dinner last year
I just wonder what milestone I'll reach next as my children grow older and more capable. I'm already being asked to leave the kitchen on certain nights when I'm tired. The girls take over and truth be told they're pretty handy in the kitchen. Wee one makes good pancakes, mac and cheese, grilled cheese and quesadillas. MMH makes everything from fried chicken salad (she does her own chicken tenders!), to chicken fried rice, spaghetti and anything with garlic and mushrooms! For that matter, both boys have learned to cook as well, Senior Son as a "Bobbite" and Young Man learned this past summer while he lived in VA working on an internship. Just tonight he mentioned that he didn't have to use a recipe for hamburger stroganoff anymore, and no, I don't mean the boxed stuff!

It seems that I've reached a point where my kids are more able to do for themselves. I wonder if I'll be able to let go? Well, just listen for the humming and you'll know how I'm doing with it all.


  1. cute story:)
    I wonder if i'll ever make holidays meals for my family?

  2. I believe it was 10 years before we established our own Christmas traditions, since before that we traveled each way on many holidays. Of course there was the Thanksgiving we invited everyone to our home, and I dropped the washed off okay!


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