Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... or maybe just the North Pole!

My deep pondering posts must be buried somewhere deep within my subconscious mind, because at this moment I can barely spell, let alone compose a rich thought provoking post. In lieu of that I'll simply give you a glimpse into the life of a simple mid-western family as the nights get longer, the clouds get darker, and the ground becomes covered with white stuff!

 The month began with prayers from a certain young someone for snow for her birthday. (She prays for this every year.) Well, it worked for her party day, and she was fine with that, although we weren't sure the party would happen given the state of the roads. Don't you love this meeting of mighty mini snowmen?
(And since this snow there have been quite a few more, and all before "true winter" began!)

 Next was the party itself. In keeping with her love of snow she requested a snowflake cake. I think this was a success!
 Next she worked for a few hours one night in creating this special piece of art for her daddy. However, when all was said and done she told him it was only for him to look at and that he couldn't keep the money. (It's now been sorted and counted at the bank and has filled her wallet with $22 in bills!)
 Thanks Gretchen for this lovely flower.  I rarely buy these for myself. Such an unexpected treat!
 The scarlet blooms remind me that Christ's blood was necessary to cover my sins

 Nostalgia... my Gram's angels, and Grammie Boldt's nativity.
 This was the first year that I let someone else put up the nativity. It was a wedding gift from Dear's Grammie and Grampie.

 What do you think Mary pondered as she knelt in a lowly cattle stall? I'm sure it was dark, less than clean, probably drafty, perhaps it was downright cold. And yet, here she was giving birth to God's only begotten child, our Savior.

And now to less weighty matters: my Christmas tree. The transformation took some time, some dollars, some ingenuity, and the total removal of everything we had placed on it to begin with.
 Missing are Gram's (or Grandma Clara's) mercury glass bead garlands, the Victorian tin icicles, and MANY MANY MANY golden white lights on green wires (so the wiring doesn't show). After going through ALL the boxes in the entire basement I have no clue where these items are.
 But, with the addition of several spools of wired ribbon, crystals from a chandelier, and new lights (thanks to David) it's beginning to look quite festive. (Not pictured are the new string of beads from April... double indents! WOW!)
 I actually really like the crystals!

 This is my little vintage tree in the "vintage area" ...note the Shiny Brite ornaments, vintage tree reflector flowers, and tucked under the tree are 3 of Gram's Christmas candles.
 My "April section"... all from April. The Bingo cards are really a cool depiction of the song "The 12 Days of Christmas", the piece was made by April and Rett.
 The stockings all hung by the... well, by the front door actually. Note my awesome stocking! It's hanging on the one stocking hanger that has been broken and repaired ever year for 4 years. Some traditions should NOT continue!
 Silver tea pieces from Grampa Gene's train days... plus some silk flowers from my wedding.
 Flowers... made out of mini vintage ornaments, old chopsticks, and vintage light reflectors.

 Maybe April should just do the whole house... just sayin'! These are also from April!
 The three trees... they needed a home, so into the family room they went!
 Made this years ago... it's great for little hands to hold, play with, and NOT break.

 There were two weddings this month. Congrats to Josh and Nisha, and also to Lane and Lizzie. I brought peppermint bark to Lane and Lizzie's dessert reception. First I had to crush the candy canes,

 and then I had to melt a LOT of chocolate.
Hmmm, I must not have taken a picture of the finished bark.It was quite good.
And now it is quite gone!

 Centerpiece on our dining table.
Art project for co-op. Yes... I copied my centerpiece idea. This is MMH's project. 

I'd write more, but currently the keyboard only takes note of every third key I hit, making this very tedious! 
May God grant you a soft heart to truly hear the message of Christmas!

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  1. hmm...I feel sort of famous;) Maybe next year I WILL help you decorate! LoVE the drops on the tree...definitely keep them!


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