Saturday, December 11, 2010

Welcome to my home... the place in which God has worked.

April asked us to write about what we think of when we think of home. I've been mulling this over the whole week, and although this post is too late for her contest I wanted her to know it has been thought of.

Home... we all want that home that's just right, furniture arranged just so, no dust, no dirt, good music, friends, etc.

But, in reality what does go into making a home? I've now been married for almost 26 years and we've lived in three different homes... a super tiny apartment, a 900 sq. foot home and our present home of 2,000+ square feet. That's one description of a home... 2300 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, stone raised ranch. That covers the physical aspect of our home.

I could go on to say that the home was built in the 70's, and so as much as I try to add touches of vintage flair here and there the home needs to speak for itself and only looks "right" when I put in "mid century" type items. I have to limit the vintage to bits of bling, rather than rooms of random stuff.

I could mention that our home houses our family. When we first moved here it was two parents, two kids and some birds, then a rabbit, then more birds, then no rabbit, then a dog, then a sister, then another sister, then one brother moved out, and now the other's away at college, and we have a new dog and fewer birds. That covers the bodies that fill our home.

But, what truly makes this a home? It's not just the size or number of rooms, it's not the age or decor, and it's not the number of family members or furry or feathered friends. What makes this a home is the memories created here, both good and bad. The recollection of the many ways in which God has used this home to sanctify me as I didn't trust God to provide, to bless others as they needed a place to sit and cry, to hear Bob's hearty laugh as they carted him, chair and all, up the basement steps. It's the milestones in life... 2 newly adopted daughters joining us, our first meeting with special friends like Dave and Vanessa, childbirth classes in the basement where I learned to laugh at my own mistakes and be overcome in awe at what God had called me to do, it was the anniversaries, birthdays, celebrations and quiet moments by the fire. It was time to learn how to create things of beauty with April, it was moments when she allowed me to hold her beautiful daughters. It was even moments when I conceded my Scrabble title... first to Josh and then to Rett. It was David caring for me as I was sick, me fixing him his favorite meals. It was memories of our Christmas tree, our Easter meals, our visits with the Jeffries, and so many others. It was memories of Rita Cuffy getting the last word on Pastor Tim, of sweet counsel offered to me by many friends, tears shed with my husband and then wonder as he led us through a study of Job that taught me much about the truth of suffering and God's providence. It's the recollection of HEARTH coming into being in my living room with Janet and Anne, of dear Barbara coming over numerous times as our friendship grew and life paths changed, it's the wonder of teaching David, Isaac, Natalee, and others and watching them grow into amazing young people along with my own children.

What makes this a home is the journey God's taken our family on while we've lived here. Yes, it's a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath home, covered with stone, but filled with the memories of many days which God gave us to learn, enjoy, grow, sorrow, grieve, mourn, laugh, and always days in which we honored Him and thanked Him for his loving care.

I'd love to have each of you become a part of our home. You're welcome any time.

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  1. very sweet:) thanks for thinking of entering...sorry it didn't work out.
    See ya soon!


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