Wednesday, January 4, 2012

If one tree falls on the lawn...

and there are 7 people standing around. Does anyone hear the scream? Not the tree's scream, mind you. My scream. "Watch the stand! Watch the wall! It's hooked on the rug! On your jeans! Watch out for the wall! You're going to do what?!" Aaggghhhhh....

And so ends the life of our beautiful tree. It now lies in a huddled heap awaiting pick up. Where it will be turned into mulch. Josh suggested sawing it and using it for firewood. But, I ask you, with our rusty handsaw? I think not...

It was a lovely month with our mini MONSTER tree. The tree of epic proportions. The tree of which many stories will be told. From the first time WeeOne and I spotted it on the tree farm, to the amusing task of MMH and I hauling it up the basement steps, to my several attempts to get the lights just right, and finally to tonight's epic performance... If it were a joke it would read...

 "How many men does it take to get a tree out of the house?

Answer?  4
one to get the tarp, 
one to point out that we needed a way to dispose of the water
one to laugh at me 
 and one to lift it and bodily throw it over the front stone wall and down one story to the lawn below. 
and one woman yelling helpfully, "Watch out. Be careful. Don't break anything." 

It was a humorous site. Although I have yet to look out at my tree, now sitting forlorn and abandoned in the front yard. You know, that dead tree is a special decoration out there now!

Anyway... that's the story of the end of our Christmas tree. Tomorrow we might just be able to remove the stand from the tree. Here's hoping!

Oh... and one of the boxes has gone missing in which we stored Christmas decorations... so, the putting away of all things Christmas has ground to a halt. Meanwhile, it's delightful to listen to Dear, Aaron, Josh, MMH, WeeOne and our "adopted son" Graham sitting upstairs and laughing at Dr. Who.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!
Love, Kim

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  1. We met Graham this weekend when we had Bob over for lunch after church. He got a kick out of showing Carver how to play classical guitar on Carver's little 1/2 size guitar, and we all got a kick out of his techie-nerdiness :)


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