Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring Staycation

It all started when I said, "Let's drive to a mall and go shopping." Not my typical words. But, I had a goal... shoes, shower curtain and "gettin' out of Dodge."

As we entered the mall DJ discovered "DJ's Hot Dogs." No, I'm not kidding, that was the name of the place. It was fate. Plus they had Chicago style hot dogs, which Dear enjoys once a year or so. 

Later  that week we enjoyed a visit to friends in Sullivan. We also drove to Grill on the Hill where we enjoyed good food,  fellowship with friends and great bluegrass music compliments of "US 231." They are very good. They are also friends of Dear.

So, everyone meet Lori. You'd recognize here anywhere wouldn't you?  Yeah, she's like that with pictures. Too bad, she's a wonderful friend and also quite pretty. Maybe you'll get to meet her again another time. 

MMH created these cupcakes based on a Pinterest recipe. She even made them GF so that I would be able to enjoy them as well. 

WeeOne got her ears pierced. Pretty cute, eh?

What is it with my friends holding things in front of their faces?  Actually, this silly looking piece  of cardboard earned Laura free appetizers at a local restaurant, which she graciously gave to us. Thanks Laura! I love that you and I can be goofy together. You rock!

Here she is with her daughter. Gorgeous eh? Seriously, they are both so pretty.

Meanwhile MMH and her friend were visiting puppies. No, he's not coming home with us. But, he was cute.

He certainly loved Miss Lydia, and her toes, and her shoes, and  the hem of her capris, and her legs. Shortly after this she was tucked up on the bench away from sharp puppy teeth. 

Later that night we enjoyed eating out with April and family. This is the fabulous Miss Clem hiding behind a chair. 

The end of the staycation found WeeOne and I at "Baked!"... a local business owned by a friend/family member. 

There are soooooo many choices for add ins. We did plain sugar cookies AND  chocolate cookie dough with white chocolate chips and macadamia nuts. 

You should stop by and check them out. It's a lot of fun. Tell Jason hi for me if you see him.

Miss Clem and the family dropped by to deliver a "Bag o' Potatoes"... actually, candy they had made that's shaped like mini potatoes. Why? Well, in honor of St. Paddy's day of course. 

Some piano playing. WE had the pleasure of watching our friends' three sons that same day. 

Well, how would you look at aged not quite 2 and eating gooey s'mores? 

It was a St. Patrick's Day bonfire. WE brought Irish soda bread, thanks MMH, (and chocolate pie... thanks Dear). April supplied the potato soup and the salad and drinks. Well, what else would you have on St. Patrick's Day but potato soup and Irish soda bread. Oh, and a bonfire. Of course. 

She was carrying things for people and generally being a big help. Who is that you ask? Well, Princess Ariel of course.

See, those sticky s'mores clean up. Just in time for some more. 

Two of the lovely lassies in attendance.


Miss Ava had requested we wear flowers, which she supplied, in our hair. Mine tickled, so I shared it with MMH.

Some of the men gabbing away. Periodically they came and stuck wood on the fire. Quite handy. They also took care of the babies.

It was a great staycation. We managed to take a trip to Greenwood, travel to Sullivan and hang out with friends, eat dinner at a gun club, listen to bluegrass music, hang out at the mall with friends, watch a bunch of kiddoes, visit a new bakery, hit the library, clean the house, attend a St. Paddy's bonfire and generally relax and enjoy time as a family. How was your break? 

Blessings, Kim

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