Monday, May 25, 2009

Gorgeous Goddaughter

So, WAAAAAYYYYY back, before Mother's Day, I hijacked my goddaughter for a day. It was pretty fun. Part of the day I did a mini-photo shoot (10 minutes) so I could make a wall hanging. So, I thought I might show what we ended up with... SOOO cute.

silly face

This is her wondering if it's worth all the work...

flirty face

Maybe just a bit of a flirty face. "If I look cute enough maybe we'll be done!"

are you serious

Contemplating the Godmama's sanity. "Is this woman sane? What did Mama think she was doing leaving me here for the day?!"

what's this?

Studying the flower. "Why in the world did Godmama give me this dumb flower anyway?"

I'm done

NOT! As in, Not worth it. Not buying it. NOT posing anymore. NOT sure if this woman is sane!

I'm really done!

"So, I'm done already. Take the camera away. This is what I will do for the paparazzi who follow me." It worked.. we were done.

more sweetness
We took the favorite picture, opened it with a photo program, fixed it up, antiqued it, and then...

gorgeous god daughter
we added hand painted color. Soft and sweet.

Thanks for Sharing Mini with me Mama Magpie!
We do love our Magpie family!!!
Thanks to Papa Magpie for serving his country!
Blessings, with a salute,

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  1. I can't believe I missed this one! Glad you two understand each other...;)


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