Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Don't hold your breath

You may not see many more posts in the next few months. Then again you never know!

I have been SOOOOO busy this summer. Then there were some days where I totally just did NOTHING. It was great.

The big change this summer was helping with my in-laws' move across town. Now, you would think that with all the "junk" I collect for art projects I might have paid a bit more attention when we were cleaning out their house. But, at that time we were moving in a hurry. We had exactly 2.5 days in common with Dear's brother and his wife and that had to be the time in which we did the final big move. So, MANY trips by the men to Salvation Army and Goodwill later... I thought, "Hmmm, I bet some of this would have sold for a good price." Ah well... water under the bridge and hopefully someone found a great treasure for very little money. Live and learn.

I have also now been introduced to the world of auctions. Now, lest you wonder if I have nothing but spare cash and spare time, the answer is NO to both of those questions. However, you would have been assuming that I was going to auctions of "ART" and "ANTIQUES" when in actuality I was going to rural auctions looking for such things as: buttons, button cards, needle cards, thimbles, old papers, and old bird houses. Those are just a few of the things, junk, that I look for both at auctions and garage sales. As the summer has wound down I began to worry that I had not looked diligently enough to accumulate what I needed for my work. So, I might have, maybe, just a little, obsessed about auctions and sales.

And, I want to brag a bit... twice now Dear has accompanied me. The first time... oh my! I was sure he would never ever ever go again. It was long, slow and my items came up at the end. Then, as things have been I lost each and every bid I made. I did manage three needle papers. Yep, that was it after sitting there for longer than I will admit here for all the world to learn. However, the next time Dear joined me we had a GREAT time with many treasures.

I bid on a stack of old records ( we love them in this house and have three turntables to prove it!) and won 10 records for $5. Couldn't decide if I wanted another pile for that price, so waited for Dear who was graciously hauling my "treasures" to the van. By the time he got in the bidding was non-existent and he kept saying, "Bid on it!" And I kept asking, "WHAT?" not knowing it was what was up right then. So at last I raised my hand when I heard "$1.00." And I won. Then I was really curious what I had won because I honestly had never turned around. Lo and behold I had bid, and won the bid, for every record there... all for a total of $1. Can you beat that?

I know, pics would make this so much more interesting, but I really don't have the time at the moment.

I attended Mini Pie's second birthday. I adore her! After all I am "Zee Mama" ( translated that means "Godmama"). We had a fun afternoon watching her enjoy life, eating cake with her family and friends and visiting with friends we had not seen in a while.

Wee One had her China Sisters reunion. They went horseback riding nearby. I know pics... maybe I'll post them in a week or two. Or not... no promises.

Now I am living with the beginning of the school year, getting ready for the art show and trying in between times to remember to love my family and take care of them. (It was a disaster here last week, however we did clean up most of the mess... minus my "studio"... aka the tables shoved against one side of the basement, plus the piles underneath that keep taking over all available floor space!)

I am actually beginning to believe I will have enough projects for the show. It's kind of incredible. I had 4 ready last spring. Then I completed two more one day when Mama Magpie came over. Then recently my brain has just been exploding with ideas. I know... pictures! So, if I post these pictures will you come to the show? My booth is "Whimsy and The Word" and it will be cute... I promise. I've got many different sorts of projects... cards from vintage folios, dressed up Shiny Brites for trees, a bit of jewelry I've created, note cards, framed quilt squares, altered bottles, etc. I'm having fun finally and that's a nice place to be and to get the creative juices flowing.

School began very well by the way. Young Man headed back to Texas for another VERY busy year. He is loving it and looking forward to the next mission trip he may take, hopefully to Africa again. Senior Son is in town, being a "Bobbite", working at a part time job and attending Ivy Tech, and the two girls began their school year in August. We began slow and picked up a bit more each week, last week we added their final classes of Latin, Science and Art. MMH also joined the volleyball team at a local Christian school. She has made a lot of new friends, renewed some old friendships, learned how to play volleyball and generally enjoyed the season so far. We hope the school will not join the IHSAA next year as that would disallow her from playing since the rules state that all student athletes must attend the school 50% of the day.... We'll see.

Well, that's enough for now. The Lord continues to work in our lives. We are learning about His faithfulness to all generations, how what we believe directly impacts what we do, think, read, and watch (our fruit will tell about our souls), and many other things. I am so grateful that each day the Lord is with me and guiding my steps. I may wander from the path but the Lord has always pulled me back.


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