Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Face lift...

My blog was beginning to drive me batty. While I love the photo I used previously, it was time for a change. SO, welcome to the new template, photo and color scheme. It's fall y'all... let's look at something NOT "springy" for a while! This is a collection of tins, an old 1800's carriage clock and wood pieces I have displayed in my living room. It replaced some VERY old and tired and DUSTY silk flowers... flowers that I probably purchased about 10 years ago and dusted last about 5 years ago. April made me do it. Hee hee... actually, April HELPED me to do it.

MMH played in her volleyball game last night. They won! Actually, all three teams won. Good job!

In other news the Art and Soul show is getting closer. I'd show you photos of my new art projects, but most are in "creation stage". Some of the things you'll see are: jewelery pieces, at least one tote, altered Shiny Brites, Vintage Folio Greeting cards, note card sets and other items. I'm working on a new technique now. Actually, I've completed the first two layers.. the next is beeswax and I've never done this before, so I'm a bit nervous about wrecking the canvas. Also, if you ever want to "crackle" your paint... pay attention to the bottle label. While a bit of my paint crackled on the canvas most did not. Ah well... live and learn. I'm also learning that titling pieces can be difficult. I know the story they tell, but it may not always be clear to my audience. (Now that sounds pretentious doesn't it? My AUDIENCE!)

Who knows I might even post some photos... let's see...
What do we have here? Well, some of you may recall that Wee One likes to get in small places. I think Buddy, our demented dog, is a bit confused.

Wee One however is quite pleased with herself. And no, we didn't keep her here... this was just one of the ways she amused herself at her grandparents' this summer as we helped them move.

Blessings, Kim

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