Thursday, October 1, 2009

Honest Abe

While visiting my aunt and uncle a few weekends back Dear thought to add on a visit to Springfield, IL where many many historic Lincoln sites are found. While we went mainly for the museum we found a few others we really enjoyed.

Wonderful warm air and blue skies greeted us as we hopped out of our car early in the morning. Nestled amongst the buildings and businesses of downtown Springfield you can actually find a historic neighborhood dating from the later 1800's which is now a National "Park" site... here one finds the only home Lincoln ever owned surrounded by a number of other homes, some of which are now "museums" and some of which have become park offices, all of which have retained their exterior beauty.

I won't post all 150 photos from the trip, but it may take a few days to post the highlights. Our trip was delightful, and, truth be told, this was about it for a "summer vacation" this year... while we enjoyed our "China Sisters" reunion, a quick trip to Holiday World, and numerous trips to the grandparents, we really never had a "vacation"...

Okay... here goes:
Here are the girls in front of Lincoln's Springfield, IL home. This is the only home he ever owned. When he left here as president elect they rented out the house and stored their furniture... hoping to return. However, as hisotry tells us that just was not meant to be.

Not the best of photos, but MMH was working with little light and a pushy tourist next to her. (No, it wasn't me!) This was the couch on which President Lincoln reclined in the eveing to read books. It's horsehair and does not look like anything I would enjoy recling on, although, truth be told we have a somewhat similar couch from the early 1900s in our living room... NOT horsehair though!

Okay... currently I'm having some difficulties with the photo uploader, not to mention I need to get to work grading some papers, folding laundry and maybe even knitting some scarves my aunt ordered a "few" months back... ahem. Okay... have a great day.

Blessings, Kim

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