Monday, October 19, 2009

Altered Bottles

So, way back this summer I hit my first ever auction. Then I went to my second auction and it was in a home. And I was sooooo surprised, because everywhere you looked were bottles... all shapes, sizes and colors. Now, I love my ball jars, and there are some awfully pretty bottles around, but we're talking thousands of bottles and I'm not exaggerating. I, of course, did NOT bid on any.


Because, a few months back I did bid on some bottles at an auction and won them and had a GREAT idea for "altering" them. But, it wasn't quite complete. What I really wanted was some way to "finish" the look. Then, lo and behold I discovered Joanna Pierotti's art journal blog online. Her blog is my new "go to" blog for visual beauty. Her art is incredible. When I first visited her blog she was was using encaustic (molten beeswax mixed with damar resin) on her "flat" pieces... often using old book covers and many layers of wonderful cloth, ribbons, charms, and other ephemera.

I finally got up the nerve to write to her to ask a bit about encaustic art. Well, before she wrote back I had already been reading a number of books and researching online and decided to try the "cheap" approach... i.e. not rush out to buy everything new. SO, with an old used griddle, washed out tomato paste cans (in which to melt the wax), some inexpensive camel hair brushes and old wax crayons and beautiful aromatic pure beeswax I began. I altered my first three bottles. Then I heard back from Joanna and found her next online class is in altering bottles. How cool is that?! She actually shows four of them on her blog. While our finished pieces are different I definitely think she gets the credit for my vision for my bottles. And now, of course, I could just kick myself for not bidding on at least a couple of boxes of those bottles! Oh well...

Here are my first three altered bottles. I hope you enjoy! (And, if any of you have antique or vintage bottles with flat fronts please let me know, I'd be happy to "dispose" of them for you. HA!)


This is actually my third bottle. The woman's picture is an actual postcard piece from the early 1900s, the buttons are vintage buttons from the collection given to me by a friend from her friend. The crystal is from an old chandelier and the paper is from an old journal I found at a fun antique mall. The little copper tag says "dream"... I keep thinking she is dreaming of the man she loves... she just has that look. You'll be able to purchase her at the "Art and Soul" show on November 28 at the Pour House Cafe. (If you're interested now please leave a comment and I'll get back to you.)

"The Harvest"

Here again is another vintage postcard. I just cut it apart and collaged. The picture was so sweet.. I'm not sure whether the harvest is the grain or the girl, but either way it works! I added glitter, and some copper colored wax crayon to the beeswax. The ribbon is kept very simple as the picture is not one that calls for a lot of bling. I loved the vintage earring to cover the knot... just the right touch.

"The Fairy Song"

This is such a sweet picture of a young child... turned fairy with the simple addition of delicate golden and lacy wings. The song title behind this little fairy is "Twilight: Song Without Words". That sounds like a fairy song to me... something beautiful and magical being sung in the garden as the birds and bees settle to rest.

I hope you've enjoyed my latest creations. As Joanna told me in her email, encaustic is very addicting. I'm not sure whether it's the texture of the beeswax, the rich aroma or simply the joy of creating, but I'm fairly sure I'll be making more altered bottles if given half a chance. See you at "Art and Soul" in November. Please come, it will be my first time to be part of a show and I'm getting more excited every day!

Blessings, Kim

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