Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Art and God

Okay, so since I've been so busy "creating" lately this has been on my mind a lot. Also, "coincidentally" an article about parenting the creative child was in one of my homeschool magazines recently. My friend and I have been talking about this A LOT as both of us are feeling stretched at some times, stressed at others. After a LONG talk, and lots of thinking these are my thoughts put out here for your comments. PLEASE add comments...

When I think about God and HIS creation I recall that he took time to rest. He would look at each piece of creation and deem it good, then continue. When he was done he rested.

So, here are the two questions to ask oneself about one's art:
1. Is it good?
2. Have you, the artist, rested?

1. Is it good?
That is a loaded question, because what you see and what others see may differ. I always tell my students that there is one rule in art... it may not tell a lie. That does not mean they may not use imagination, but they may not set out to tell a purposeful untruth for the purpose of deceiving others. While discussing angels and demons and spiritual battles with MMH and another student the other day we discussed how often evil will disguise itself with beauty. So, it's not merely enough that we strive to make something beautiful, but that what we make is honoring to God... either in the obedience of making it or in the message it imparts or both.

Perhaps this why I always have words in my work... I don't trust my work to say what I am thinking. I don't know. So all you artists, "What is your work saying? Is it honoring to God in it's message or in your obedience to using your gift? "

2. Have you rested?
I can be a real perfectionist and I find that I need to take time with each piece. I cannot seek to create simply to fill my table at a show. I am wondering if you, my fellow artists, take time to stop and rest and enjoy the creating or the creations. I am guessing that many artists are DRIVEN to create and they simply don't enjoy the process or the project. One can't separate the art from the artist. Without rest, refreshing and renewal the art itself will go cold and stale.

I wonder if the "masters" enjoyed the process or the end projects. I wonder if they were driven all the time, or merely when "the muse" took hold. Did they create because God created them to create or did they create to fill their pocketbooks?

What is art?

I get very few comments on this blog. I would truly LOVE to hear comments about this post. I'll happily discuss them in THE COMMENT SECTION. Please dear readers, be involved and help me to work through these thoughts. I've kept this post relatively short.. two points... so it should be easy to discuss. Thanks so much!
Blessings, Kim


  1. Hmm...this sounds sorta familiar;)

  2. Yep, it should. I just keep thinking about this. Over and over. I want my life to God-honoring, and so that means each part of it. I want to have more input from other artists, as well as those within church leadership...

    I also hoped I might get more than one comment to be honest... ah well.

    Have a great day!

  3. The question that I usually think of concerning art is "is it practical - does it serve a purpose?" Otherwise I usually consider it vanity. I'm not an artist at all, and have always had a hard time with the whole art for art's sake idea. Practical purposes could include simply bringing beauty to my home. I think your way of stating the question is more to the point and well thought out. I'll keep thinking on it!


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