Friday, October 2, 2009

Full and Fabulous Friday

This was one of those incredibly busy days. But, in its own crazy way it was fabulous. I woke up late today. We have to leave by 8:55 to get to co-op by 9. however, when you wake up at 8:20 and know that simply drying your hair will take all the time, and that doesn't include washing it... well, you just know it's one of "those" days.

So, we hurried, got the kids packed, and the printer printing for art class and I dropped the girls off. Then off to pick up materials for art. In history we are up to the Code of Hammurabi. So, for art each child inscribed his name on a salt dough tablet... we used sanded down chopsticks and nail files... I'm so grateful to the Dollar General stores! I also swung by the grocery store, picked up 18 sugar cookies and a tube of icing. I had grandiose plans to inscribe words of wisdom on the cookies. Well, when the cookie is about 3 inches across and two letters take up 3.5 inches... well you get the gist. The cookies all had such inspired words as: "ah," "oh," "up," "me," "my," etc. In other words... my Sumerian script is not so neat nor is it small. However, at lunch when handed the code they were able to translate the cookies. They had fun, it was cheap and it was a great hit. One of the students remarked that he was thankful he was a not school child in that time period having to write a 500 word essay! Kids... they're always thinking.

As a treat for a job well done the girls and I ran off to shop at the Red Cross book sale. Picture a LARGE fair building full of tables of books. YEAH! Birthdays and Christmases are covered!

More followed in my full day, but the gift of the day was the way that homeschooling allowed us to do what needed to be done. Yes, I know that in the "real world" there are deadlines, but in the homeschooling world there is also a thing known as "grace" and that was extended to me in various ways today, and to my kids, and by us to others. It was a treat to experience grace and friendship in such abundance and that was the fabulous part of the day. I love my co-op friends, they are the salt of the earth!

Blessings, Kim

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