Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New Head Needed

Ah... sounds like I'm about to break into a poor me pity party. Not actually.

I had one of those AHA moments in my art recently. One of my bottles just decided to create itself. Sad thing is I need a HEAD, more specifically a Frozen Charlotte head. I think this bottle will be an "angel." And yes, I KNOW that what I make and what angels look like are LIGHT YEARS apart. How?

Well, have you ever read biblical accounts of men encountering angels? The first thing the angel says is, "Fear not." Why would that be? I don't think it's necessarily because their appearance would be frightening, although if you read the account of "wheels within wheels" and "clouds of smoke with many eyes" that might very well be terrifying. However, what I know would be true is that their very purity and holiness would set them apart from us. We would recognize them as being of God and therefore something to fear in the good and right sense.

This morning while reading Isaiah 6: 1-6 we encountered seraphim. Ezekiel 1: 1-28 shares an account of a vision experienced by Ezekiel. In Revelation 4: 5-11 we find another vision filled with angels. What we see is that these servants of God inspire both fear and a desire to worship them, but in their humility and truth they always turn our worship back to God, the only one worthy of our worship.

So, back to the bottle...hmm, that sounds bad. But you know what I mean. My bottle has a beautiful heart already adhered to it. I can't remove it, I've tried. But, then I realized that the very things that make us fear angels are both their purity and our sinful nature. Kind of like holding a big dirt ball over a beautiful white linen cloth... you know they don't quite belong together. Hence my need for a head... I want the beautiful heart to be the focus of this piece, an angel with a servant's heart that is pure and holy ready to serve God alone.

If anyone has an old Frozen Charlotte head they're willing to part with, just let me know. Believe me, I've kept my eyes open. The ones pictured above are on display in Illinois at the Lincoln home site in Springfield. I must have talked about them a time or two because the last antique mall I visited with Dear he called, "HEY... FROZEN CHARLOTTES!" And I came running... I know, sad isn't it? What did I find? My husband and my daughters laughing hysterically. Okay... it was funny. I mean seriously, a 46-year-old woman running to see an old doll? Still... I keep looking because I want others to think of the beauty of the Lord's servants as they really are.

Have a great and creative day!
Blessings, Kim

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