Monday, November 9, 2009

Silence is golden

or, in this case the blog silence may be golden, but it's not so silent at home.

I may have bitten off more than I can chew this time around. Seems I said, "Yes," to the request to be a vendor at the Art and Soul show on Nov. 28. This is my FIRST year... actually, truth be told it's my first at most of what I am doing for this show.

However, I couldn't, of course, JUST say yes to the show, I am also on call for a birth, STILL trying to complete my CBI Doula certification (2 book reports finished last week!), homeschool the girls, teach one adv. level co-op for an 8th grader and a sophomore, "teach" art at our larger co-op on Friday (that is not too difficult), and try to keep up with the girls' assignments from that co-op... I'm woefully behind. IN the meantime I'd really like to start teaching childbirth classes again.

My classes fill a needed gap in the community, they bring in some extra dollars, and it's a great way to meet people and minister to them. However, I would have to be out of the home at least once a week if not twice. I'd have to find a location where I might teach... my basement is now FULL of homeschool items, weight bench, etc., "craft studio" (can you say tables with LOTS of stuff on them), TV, books, etc. In other words... it won't work. I might fit three couples in the living room, but that's not going to make it worthwhile for a paying class.

Hmmmm, we'll see what happens. In the meantime I continue to study for CBI and to create for Art and Soul. My latest creations are button jewelry... very Victorian in their feel... or modern... I'm not sure exactly, I just know they're not like other jewelry I've seen. (Too bad... the other stuff is really great! Just come to the show and see.)

Don't you just love that wrinkly linen shirt? HA! Fooled you... to better show off the necklace I had MMH tuck an old hankie in her shirt front. Oh yes, the tricks of photography! And yes, those three large pieces are old buttons.

Well, back to life here. We have two extras for two days while their parents finally get to celebrate their 15th anniversary. We also have a library visit to make, a trip to the post office for Sarah so she can get her quilt pieces, a trip to Mama Magpie's house to help out there and dinner, and all else that is included in a homeschooling family... you know, LIFE.

Hope you all are having a good week. I'll try to get photos of everything before or during the show.

Remember, Art and Soul, Nov. 28... if you're in our area just come to the Pour House across from the Main Library and we'll be there from 10-4.

Blessings, Kim

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