Saturday, June 19, 2010

3.5 gallons...

and counting!

We've run out of sugar, Sure Jell, and lids... plenty of rings left... explain that please.

So, we're not quite half way through with the strawberries. And here I thought I'd never match my 72 jars in one year achievement. However, looks like I may top it. If my energy holds out. If I don't burn myself again. And if I do not totally get sick of strawberries. I'd postpone the rest till Monday, but not sure I have the room in the fridge for the berries and I had to get them today while they were on special, since I came back today to get the other special and those were gone. Ah well... at least I didn't totally miss this year as I did last year. Granted, these are CA berries, but still...

back to the jam!

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