Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

We had a delightful day with Dear, minus the one episode that put him in bed for a bit. Not sure what hit his tummy, but glad he felt good enough to be up and eat the meal we had planned.

We're at that point in life where we have "enough stuff" and so it's fun to make memories for our gifts to each other. (Although I rarely turn up my nose at chocolates or flowers!) So, in honor of Father's Day we planned a meal of Dear's favorites. Too bad I didn't get a picture... see, I'm not quite back in the swing of things yet. We grilled hot dogs, brats and yummy burgers, we also had "Sutton Slaw", a salad of organic greens from the farmer's market, mounds of local sweet corn and a peach pie with Breyer's French Vanilla... the peaches for the pie and the tomato for the burgers and the corn were all also from the market. It was a tasty lunch if I do say so myself!

Senior Son and a friend joined us as his friend had had "car troubles" ... can you say "smoking?" and he was waiting for his mom to pick him up. Sadly they didn't get to celebrate Father's Day with his dad as he is out of the country and kind of dealing with his own version of "Terminal"... you might pray the paper trail and red tape can be worked out so he can come home. We were so glad that Senior Son had a few hours off so he could join us for lunch. Yesterday he replaced light bulbs for us in the ceiling fixtures and on Monday he began some computer work for us. Hopefully both computers will soon be fully functional.

Later, after the boys left, our friend April and her daughter Li'l Pie joined us for dinner and more pie. Actually the first it was too hot to eat earlier while the boys were here. We are so enjoying our time with her family and we're hoping to meet the newest member "Baby Fwementime" soon... that's the name her big sister has bestowed upon her. Dear April blessed me with one of her handmade totes... guess I should have taken a picture....I stole this one from her site...MidwestMagpies. Here's a link to more of her bags: these are listed on Etsy... try "LuckyCharmCreations" SO CUTE!!! This was a thank you... albeit early... for being her doula. I would have had to wait, but she was worried that I would actually try to buy it from her, so she came over with many choices tonight and I picked the original one I had fallen in love with on her site.

So... back to my Dear. I want to thank him here, as I have already at home, for: Saying "no" to us when needed, "yes" to us more times than we deserved, for loving all of us, caring for us, providing for us and sticking with us in a time when so many families drift apart or are split apart in divorces.I know we all have annoying quirks and habits, we can all be less than we want, but we all love him dearly and hopefully our time with him today showed him a fraction of that. (Even Young man called from VA to wish his dad a "Happy Father's Day" and share with him about what's going on in his life this summer.)

(missing from this photo...Senior Son and your's truly... I do NOT like getting my picture taken!)
From Left to Right:
front row: wee one
Back row: Young Man, MMH, Dear
Thanks Dear! We Love You!


  1. So fun! Thanks for including us:)

  2. So glad your family enjoyed the day sweetie, praying for your son.


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