Thursday, June 24, 2010

Life and schedules

So, with this new fatigue I'm dealing with I find more and more that life has to be adjusted. I simply can't do as much in a day as I was used to doing even a few months back. I hope we find all the answers soon as I am tired of being tired. I do give thanks that the Lord has placed us so that I can seek the medical information I need...

I went to an auction on Tuesday evening. Dear told me "Just go and have fun." I went. FAST! I had seen post cards in the listing... alas... although there were quite a few there were not that many that I wanted. HOWEVER... there were tablecloths... and an old sewing drawer (use these to store my spools of ribbon).... which I won. YEAH! I might get pics up later or I might not. But, I was happy to have a bit of a break. Spent the time sitting with the Proudians and enjoyed chatting off and on.

Sleepovers seem to be the theme this summer... along with my Dr. appts. We've had several each week. Yesterday Wee One's sleepover overlapped with MMH's friend's jewelry lesson... we taught her how to make a beaded necklace and a domino necklace. Hope she enjoyed her final pieces.

Well, back to life here. I might finish the jam today. Or not... we'll see. Hope you all are doing well.

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  1. Thanks for the update my friend, prayers continue. Rest in Him, love you.


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