Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ah... sweet release!

As I mentioned earlier I've spent months following up/following through with symptoms, tests, dr. visits, etc. On Friday I was FINALLY released from the cardiologist. Yeppers... totally healthy heart and no heart attack. YEAH!!!!

So, at present I have to learn to live with "chronic mono" (means I can easily get it again and again), and possible FM and Chronic Fatigue. Working on the anemia with meds and diet. As you can see it means I am still tired. But at least I know my heart is not just waiting to give out.

One thing the dr. mentioned (besides exercise and weight loss... duh!) is reducing stress. So, that is now what I have to face. How do I reduce stress in a healthy way? Living causes daily stress. What I have to figure is what/how I can approach my daily life so as to reduce this and/or to handle it better. Obviously God's Word and prayer will have to figure in here richly.

Sorry again for the lack of photos. Not sure you really wanted to see me in a hospital gown with 13 leads stuck on me while trudging the treadmill. NOT a pretty site!!! By the by, did you know that in order to be sure the leads are well attached they sandpaper your skin? Just sayin'.... OUCH! Also, part of the process was an ultrasound of my heart. Which was cool and all, however that wand had to be pushed in hard and let's just say I don't feel the need for a mammogram after that episode. But hey, it's so worth it to know that my symptoms don't add up to anything serious. VERY relieving. Thank you God!!!

Well... no excuses now for laying down on the job...

Oh... and I forgot to post this after I wrote it, so since then some of our very best friends in the world came for a quick, but WONDERFUL, overnight visit. It's always a treat... laughter, memories and rich fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ. Thank you God for our friends... what a blessing!



  1. Glad you're still around;)
    Now you have a good reason to sit on your porch and chill every so often!
    (Positive, right?)

  2. So nice to hear from you my friend, love you. Prayers continue for you.


So glad you stopped by for a visit. I look forward to reading your ruminations. (I like playing with words!)
Blessings, Kim