Saturday, June 19, 2010

Lazy Saturday...

Not actually.

I had to miss out on attending a picnic 2.5 hours south of here with Dear as I am now "on call" for the next birth. Yep, it's a week early, but we're all taking bets this baby is coming well before her due date.

So, Dear left to update our license plates and registrations (so grateful he did this!), he returned home a bit later to do my plate and leave Senior Son's plate sticker/registration here. YEAH! Then he headed south to the picnic. We'll see him later this evening after the picnic and after he's had a chance to treat his dad to dinner.

Senior Son and MMH will be heading an hour or so north to a wedding today. Congrats to Abram and Sara. Later my two will come back to town and go rock climbing. Obviously I'm here... waiting on baby. Come on baby!

Wee One and I hit the Farmer's Market. Always a good time. Today we saw a juggler, a blue grass band (VERY enjoyable), an elderly Chinese gentleman playing a stringed Chinese instrument, and a guitar duo. We picked up lots of goodies for Father's Day.... sweet corn, garden fresh tomato, peaches for pie and fresh greens for a yummy salad! (We also stopped at the Bakehouse booth and got a zebra cookie for me and foccacia for Wee One.)

Then back home to pick up mail we forgot, load up the trash and recycling. HINT: when hauling in a small pick up make sure the lids are on TIGHTLY on the bins! The local highway now has some recycling and a bin lid on it... so sorry. I don't like to pollute, but you seriously can't run out and grab the stuff.

After the post office, dump and recycling we hit several garage sales. No luck. Then Menard's to pick up canning jars, lights and hose heads. Then on to the grocery to get berries on special (it's time to make jam!), and all the ingredients for a yummy Father's Day meal that we couldn't get at the Farmer's Market... hot dogs, brats, buns, Cole slaw fixin's, etc.

So, we're unloaded, the jars are being washed in the dishwasher, we'll eat lunch and begin to jam.... and if we have some good music on we might just jam with our jam... ya never know!
Blessings, Kim

The pictures above are old pics of the market... the big smokestack is from the old Johnson Creamery building which abuts the market. I just love the color of the produce, the mix of people and the music we enjoy as we meander around.


  1. Yummy!
    Now I really wish I'd gone to the farmer's market-That's all my favorite stuff!


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