Saturday, September 4, 2010

I had to eat my words!

Not quite literally, but just about.

For the past week I've been looking forward to having friends over for a Mexican feast and a rousing game of Scrabble. Now, I don't usually toot my own horn, but I'm not bad at Scrabble. However, I do have this one problem. I'm just a bit  HUGELY competitive. (Actually, Dear had to ban me from family games for 2 years so I would stop gloating. Sad, isn't it? And you'd think it would have worked...) Well, I started "talking trash" to my dear hubby and my friend's hubby about how I would take them down  respectfully beat them. Well... I'm sure if you know me you know how "gracefully" (cough cough!) I handled this.

Then I began to recall some other games where I had been beaten. So, I changed the phrasing saying instead that my friend and I would beat the men. But, in the end my pride got in the way and I asked that each score stand on it's own merit. (Cue the music in minor key!)

I even labeled the score sheet in the following manner:

DEAR     RETT     APRIL    "The Champ"

What? Did you say something about pride going before a fall? Well, yes, it did. I didn't come in last, but I also didn't come in first. Or second. Just sayin'!

And, of course, because I am ever the gracious (okay, grumpy) loser I challenged Rett to a fast game of "Bananagrams."  Which I won. Quickly. Of course I have played this game at least a jillion times, or even a jillion and one. (Yes, Rett has never played.) So, there's a new level of word play out there. We all need to beat April  aspire to April's level of play in Scrabble. Um yeah... that's what I meant to say. But, I still think I'll win at Bananagrams. At least till I lose.

Then I'll have to eat my words. Again.

What? Did you expect all my posts to have great merit? Sorry... this is life in the fast lane. Occasionally we slow down, eat enchiladas and spell poorly... well, at least I do.


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  1. You can try and beat me anytime you want! But you might be better off joining me;)


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